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How To Develop A New Laptop?

Sofeast’s COO, Fabien Gaussorgues, recently outlined how to develop a new laptop and gives two options available for importers who want to bring a new laptop to the market.

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Developing New Products? Which Suppliers Are The Right Fit For You?

If you’re developing new products and need to find a manufacturer in China or Vietnam to produce your great idea, what are your options?

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Producing Private Label Products From Existing Products In China: 3 Supplier Options

So you’re an importer with a product idea for a fairly common product that can be branded with your logo. What are your options to produce private label products in China?

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OEM, ODM, Contract Manufacturers: Which Chinese Supplier To Choose?

By Fabien Gaussorgues, Sofeast COO Do you prefer to work with an OEM or an ODM? What are their pros and cons? And what is a CM? This is particularly important if, as the importer, you want to develop a new … Continue reading

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Disputes With Chinese Suppliers: Q&A (Volume 2)

In this volume we will address the concerns of importers who are using a Chinese OEM to add a logo to existing products that will then be sold abroad.

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