Sofeast wants to help you to improve your manufacturing results, so we’ve created free resources which give you in-depth and actionable knowledge about important topics like Quality Assurance, sourcing suppliers, and much more.

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We've collected regularly used manufacturing and quality assurance terms into a glossary where we explain each in detail

Videos filled with helpful guidance for importers and manufacturers about the products, materials, and production processes we're expert in.

We’re sharing our knowledge about product, material, and production process best practices, selection, and testing that we’ve built up many years of expertise in. You can watch the different series of videos below.

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Products Sofeast are expert in

Are you importing products from Asia? Take a look at these videos where we share our years of knowledge about some everyday products, their manufacturing techniques, and the required checks to assure the best quality by hitting the button below:

materials and processes sofeast are experienced in

Materials & Processes Sofeast are experienced in

Watch our videos about the materials and production processes we regularly work with. You’ll learn about optimal material choice, quality tests, and which production process is best suited to certain products:

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