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Developing new products and manufacturing in China can be a difficult and frustrating process.

Every year, hundreds or even thousands of new products are financed through Kickstarter and/or Indiegogo. If you browse through them, you will notice one thing. Most of them are delivered late, and not just by a few days. Many of them force substantial changes (e.g. new materials) onto their customers. And many of them suffer serious quality issues. It’s all out there, in public.
And what you don’t see are production costs that far exceed initial projections.

Use our template as a guide for your launch

We’ll help you to do what you need in order to reduce the risk of being among the 90%+ of projects that fail to be on time, within budget, and at the desired quality.

Our ‘new product development plan template’ unveils the steps that your supplier will never tell you are needed, and yet all veteran buyers consider as indispensable.

Ideal for electro-mechanical products

This template works very well for electro-mechanical products (whether they are sold B2C or B2B).
Please just bear in mind, that if you’re developing new medical devices, aerospace, or automotive products, it’s less of a good fit for your needs. You will need to add (many) more steps in order to ensure you meet applicable regulations.

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