Quality Audits VS Process Audits [Comparison and Pros & Cons]

We’ve been speaking quite a lot about factory audits recently in our podcast mini-series about vetting Chinese suppliers. In particular, let’s compare quality audits vs process audits. Many buyers will send in a quality auditor. There are advantages to this … Continue reading

Disputes with Chinese suppliers Volume 4

Q: I’m worried that my sensitive product information won’t be kept confidential when it is sent to component suppliers. How can it be kept secure? Answer: There are legal and non-legal approaches here. Non-Legal: Reducing the amount of information being … Continue reading

Checklist for importers who are manufacturing products in China _ low-cost Asia

Many people come to us and ask: “What are the steps we need to take now that we have decided to manufacture our products in China/Vietnam/SE Asia?” While no two manufacturing projects are the same, I’ve tried to distill the … Continue reading

How to set up a Receiving Inspection

I have written extensively about pre-shipment inspections (before, during, or after production), always from the perspective of the buyer checking what a supplier is doing; but I noticed that I haven’t covered what’s known as a receiving inspection (also called incoming … Continue reading

Off-Site QC VS In-Factory QC

Is there ever a situation where you’d want your product inspection to be performed away from your Chinese supplier’s factory? Yes! We’ll explain your options in Off-Site QC VS In-Factory QC.

3 Process Improvement Tools Flow Chart, FMEA, Control Plan

Do you wonder why you still suffer from quality issues, even though the process is quite mature and seems to be well understood? Or are you preparing to launch the production of a new product… or production of an existing … Continue reading

Is Your Chinese Supplier At Risk Of Bankruptcy_

Some Chinese factories have suffered serious blows recently. Large American companies are moving manufacturing outside of China, often abruptly. Many manufacturers were hit in 2020 by very soft demand and cancelled orders. Their government is becoming more serious in getting … Continue reading

Why Amazon FBA Prep Should Be Done in China (not the USA)

Michael Michelini wrote about Amazon packaging, and he mentioned the FBA prep services. I discovered a whole industry popped up and is probably growing fast. What do they do? In Mike’s words: Basically, a third-party prep service does everything on your behalf, including: … Continue reading

How To Conduct Stricter QC Inspections, Aside From Lowering The AQL_

Buyers often ask us, how to do stricter QC inspections with some of their suppliers in China or Vietnam. There are 5 tips that we can offer if you’re in this situation:

27 Questions To Ask During A Chinese Factory Visit

An in-person factory visit to your Chinese supplier’s facility is a great opportunity to get a deep understanding of who they are and if they’re capable of fulfilling your requirements. Your factory visit should be a fact-finding exercise rather than … Continue reading