The Impact Of Chinese New Year On Importers & Tips To Prepare For CNY 2021

The Phenomenon of Chinese New Year Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is an amazing time of year in China and several other Asian countries who also place a lot of importance on the lunar calendar (such as Vietnam, Taiwan, … Continue reading

Why YOU Need a Product Safety Program

It’s astounding and perhaps a little bit scary that we see many importers with Chinese suppliers continuing to purchase and import products that pose a potential risk to consumers, kids, or pets without taking the necessary measures to test product … Continue reading

3 Quality Control Plans & Why They’re Needed BEFORE Production [Podcast]

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Small Package Shipping Rates Calculator [User Guide]

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Pricing, Negotiation, Contracts _ Vetting Chinese Suppliers (Part 10)

Getting quotations is a part of vetting new Chinese suppliers, too.  We have been creating a mini-series guiding you through effective vetting of Chinese suppliers that will help you to find the best possible manufacturer for your products this year, … Continue reading

Toy Safety Tips The Right Mindset for Inventors & Designers

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What Is Agile Design When Developing New Products

What is Agile design? Agile design is a highly collaborative way of design and developing new products that breaks big tasks into groups of subtasks to be performed in short ‘Sprints.’ These tasks are regularly reported back to the virtual … Continue reading

good manufacturing practices

Time to pay attention to good manufacturing practices! Importers with suppliers over in Asia may benefit from adopting GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). What are they? How are they useful for managing and improving the performance of suppliers in countries like … Continue reading

selling your new toy

Creating for Kids is perhaps the most rewarding and fun sector to design for, so if you are about to take the plunge in this arena then welcome, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! In this post, we’ll be … Continue reading

How Do Sofeast Help Source New Chinese Suppliers? [Process Breakdown + Costs]

If you’re in a position where you need to find a new Chinese supplier or are moving from an existing one and choose us to source and provide you with them in the new factory identification solution, here’s roughly what … Continue reading