How To Qualify A Contract Manufacturer Or Component Supplier_ (Best Practices)

We’re often asked how to qualify a contract manufacturer or component supplier. In this episode, Renaud explores the best practices importers could follow when sourcing new manufacturers or suppliers in China, or beyond. This includes sourcing options (who to use), … Continue reading

9 things small importers can't negotiate with suppliers podcast

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How To Choose The Right 3PL Logistics Company?

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ISO 9001 QMS Features, Benefits, & Implementation Tips

In This Episode… Phil Brown, owner of Phil Brown Consultancy, who is an ISO 9001 and 14001 consultant in the UK joins us in this episode of the China manufacturing decoded podcast. Phil talks us through the ISO 9001 QMS, the requirements … Continue reading

How Can Small Buyers Of Garments Get High Quality From China?

This blog post is about issues with quality from an apparel supplier and is based on a real Sofeast customer’s experiences (with no identifying information given). We’re going to explain how to assure you’ll get high-quality garments from your Chinese … Continue reading

Getting To Grips With Non-Recurring Engineering Costs (NRE) [Podcast]

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss Non-Recurring Engineering costs for manufacturers. As the name suggests, these costs are usually one-off and are what it takes to get your product into production. These costs are perhaps better known as … Continue reading

How To Create A New Product Inspired By An Existing Design?

Sometimes customers ask us: “How to create a new product based on a product that’s already on the market?” While it is possible to do this, and we can help, we have to tread the line between what is and … Continue reading

Why Pilot Runs Are So Important [Podcast]

Pilot runs aren’t just a ‘good idea,’ they’re a must when manufacturing new products as you are about to find out… Renaud and Adrian from the team explore an important part of the new product launch process: pilot runs. In this … Continue reading

Tooling Management for Plastic Injection Molds in China

What are the best practices for tooling management (specifically for plastic injection molds) in China? Closely following up on the design & fabrication of molds for your plastic injection molded products is often necessary for a number of reasons: It … Continue reading

Is Investing In Process Automation In The Factory Worth It_ + Implementation Best Practices -podcast

Automation is a major focus of the Chinese government and many manufacturers here, but can it really reduce costs..? Renaud will answer the questions: “Is Investing In Process Automation In The Factory Worth It?” and “What are the best practices to … Continue reading