Renaud hosts today and is joined by Andrew Amirnovin, Sofeast’s reliability expert and our head of New Product Development, to cover the topic of reliability data and how it can be used to help you make better products and reduce … Continue reading

Do NOT Send Samples To China Through Your Country’s Post Office

There is a very common and rather unfortunate issue that you need to be aware of if you’re sending samples of components, products, etc, to China: Using your country’s post office. The amount of packages that get lost using this … Continue reading

Avoid Sending Immature Product Designs to a Chinese Manufacturer!

Renaud makes it clear where you need to be with new product designs before you approach Chinese manufacturers. He also explains the risks with immature designs, common red flags, and the work you’ll need to do to have designs that … Continue reading

Should Tooling Fabrication and Plastic Injection Molding Be Done Together

When you’re manufacturing your new product with injection molded parts or enclosures, the question about who is fabricating the molds is an important one to answer. Some tooling fabricators also provide plastic injection molding services in-house, but is this a good … Continue reading

Building Better Systems & Processes For Importers Who Sell Online

Renaud welcomes e-commerce guru and host of the popular ‘The Seller Process’ podcast, Gianmarco Meli, to the podcast today to talk about building better systems and processes for your company if you’re importing and selling products that you make or … Continue reading

The Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Manufacturing Process

Introduction Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of rechargeable battery used in a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, electric vehicles, and power tools. They are known for their high energy density, long lifespan, and low self-discharge rate. The … Continue reading

The Benefits of a Feasibility Study (during new product development)

Renaud and Adrian talk about what a feasibility study for new products is, its benefits, and everything you need to know in order to implement yours. This will really help you to identify potential issues long before you manufacture your … Continue reading

sofeast china raw materials price indices

Here’s the monthly update from Sofeast’s sourcing team who has been tracking the costs of commonly used raw materials from China for the past year to help you understand where the market is right now. If you or your supplier … Continue reading

Component-Level Testing And Its Benefits

Join Andrew Amirnovin, Sofeast’s reliability expert and our head of New Product Development, on a deep dive into what component-level testing is, the process followed for selecting and testing components that won’t let you down, and the various benefits you’ll … Continue reading

Why the Taguchi Method will reduce costs, increase quality, and get products to market faster

Renaud and our senior engineer Paul Adams discuss the Taguchi method, also known as Robust Design. The Taguchi method is a tool used in engineering and manufacturing to improve product and process quality and reduce defects at an early stage. … Continue reading