Kickstarter EVOTRAIL Self-Following e-Wagon To Good To Be True

Following on from our recent blog post Fake Kickstarter Projects: Do Crowdfunding Sites Protect Backers? where we delved into how well Kickstarter and Indiegogo protect backers from seeing products that end up not fulfilling their promises for different reasons or … Continue reading

Technology & Innovation in Freight Forwarding [Feat. Amit Rosenthal, CEO of Proboxx]

Renaud hosts today and welcomes guest speaker Amit Rosenthal, CEO of Proboxx, to the show and this episode’s focus is on moving your products from Asia to where they need to be via freight forwarding. They discuss how the latest … Continue reading

Fake Kickstarter Projects Do Crowdfunding Sites Protect Backers

Do crowdfunding sites do enough due diligence on the advertised products to ensure that backers aren’t seeing fake Kickstarter projects? The situation might surprise you. We also give some examples of how some backers try to bend the rules and … Continue reading

Whats A Good QA Auditing & Inspection Program For New Products

Adrian and Renaud go through what makes a good QA auditing and inspection program for innovative new electro-mechanical products that will reduce risks of poor quality, reliability, and compliance issues, and detect them in time for them to be worked … Continue reading

Why Does New Product Development Take So Long

We regularly work with entrepreneurs and businesses who have a product idea and want to launch it on the market. Despite many years of cooperation on a huge variety of electro-mechanical products from all kinds of niches, we tend to … Continue reading

Why NOT doing ESD testing on new electronic products is scary!

On this episode of the China Manufacturing Decoded Podcast, Adrian hosts and is joined by Andrew, our reliability and compliance expert, from the Sofeast Group for a deep dive into electrostatic discharge (ESD) – a critical factor in electronics production … Continue reading

sofeast china raw materials price indices

Here’s the monthly update from Sofeast’s sourcing team who has been tracking the costs of commonly used raw materials from China for the past year to help you understand where the market is right now. If you or your supplier … Continue reading

Impact of Yemen’s Houthis On Global Shipping in Jan ’24

Welcome to our special 200th episode of China Manufacturing Decoded! In this episode, we discuss the impact of the Houthi Yemeni rebels’ attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, and how it may affect your shipping costs and other issues … Continue reading

The Experience Effect The Key to Mass Production Cost Reduction & Efficiency

In this insightful episode, host Renaud Anjoran and senior engineer Paul Adams delve into the intriguing world of the ‘experience effect’ – a phenomenon that offers a wealth of benefits in mass production through persistent refinement and accumulated knowledge. Immersing … Continue reading

Developing a new product Sourcing agents may not be right for you

Some companies who develop their new products from scratch choose not to use sourcing agents, and they genuinely don’t feel that it’s necessary. But is this a wise move? Let’s unpack it…