How to Reduce Your Product Return Rate [Podcast]

Our head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, joins Adrian from the team to explain what the product return rate is, why customers return products, how to reduce the risk of returns during the new product design and development phases, … Continue reading

Buy China Tooling For Plastic Production Abroad (Benefits & Risks)

Many manufacturers utilize injection molding for the production of their plastic enclosures and components. When working with the right company, China tooling tends to be the right blend of quality, low cost, and relatively high speed. That’s why many importers … Continue reading

Why Taobao is Unsuitable for Sourcing Parts used in Mass Production [Podcast]

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud explains why sourcing parts from Taobao is too risky, joined by Adrian from the team.  When developing new products in China it’s easy to buy parts quickly and at a low price from Taobao, and that’s OK … Continue reading

silica gel manufacturers in india

Little packets with scary warnings and small plastic balls in jars of vitamin pills, packaging boxes for electrical appliances, and in the shoebox of your newly purchased sneakers. Who hasn’t come across these bags of silica gel? If you’re sourcing … Continue reading

sofeast china raw materials price indices

We’ve been tracking the costs of China raw materials since early 2021 in order for importers to have a clearer idea of the market in China and allow you to plan ahead if prices for your essential materials seem to … Continue reading

USA Logistics & Shipping Summer 2022 Update (Feat. Marshall Taplits of

 Marshall Taplits founder of East-Coast 3PL Ship It Done and American logistics and shipping expert joins Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran to update us about the situation in the USA right now in July 2022. Covid, fuel and energy costs, staffing … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Your Supplier Won't Let You Visit Their Factory

Around 10 to 20% of the time suppliers demand payment from our clients before they allow an auditor, or even just a visitor, to visit the factory. As you can imagine, this makes factory audits and quality inspections difficult! Let’s … Continue reading

DIY Sourcing from China Part 9 Keeping Your Supplier’s Costs Under Control

We have finally reached the end of our mini-series of episodes on how to do your own sourcing from China! Renaud has been taking you through the sourcing process, from getting started by finding suitable suppliers all the way through … Continue reading

How Many Prototypes Are Needed Before We Get 'Perfection'

Some people expect a perfect product that’s ready for manufacturing after just one round of prototyping. Is this realistic, though? Let’s explore how many prototypes might be required, why different rounds of prototyping are undertaken during the new product introduction … Continue reading

How To Comply With The EU Ecodesign Regulation (Part 2)

This is a crucial listen to anyone currently importing products into the EU! The new EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation is coming soon, meaning that you will be legally obliged to comply with its demands for more sustainable products, … Continue reading