sofeast china raw materials price indices

Here’s the monthly update from Sofeast’s sourcing team who has been tracking the costs of commonly used raw materials from China since January 2021 to help you understand where the market is right now. If you or your supplier are … Continue reading

What's the real Cost of Poor Quality and Reliability?

Sofeast’s head of New Product Development, Andrew Amirnovin, stops by to remind you how important quality and reliability improvement activities are during the new product development process before mass production starts. Yes, there’s a cost involved for the testing, inspections, … Continue reading

Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Volume 18

Let’s say that for some reason your order from an overseas supplier, specifically one in China as we’ll focus on here, is completely unsatisfactory. You may wish to claim some form of compensation from them…but how is this done? Here’s … Continue reading

Chinese New Year 2023 Comes Early. Be Prepared! [Podcast]

Renaud and Adrian are giving you some advance warning about Chinese New Year 2023 which is coming soon in January. Learn what to look out for and how to avoid the worst of the disruption in this episode…   Listen … Continue reading

10 Sourcing Tips & Hacks to help you Find the Right Suppliers in Asia

What is the right supplier and how do you find them? Sit tight, because we’ve got a great video full of sourcing tips and hacks that will help you!

Using Real Data to Prove the Link between Factory Audits & Better Quality Products.

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud has an interesting guest on this episode: Prof. Neale O’Connor who is a China business and accounting expert and international keynote speaker! Neale examined lots of Sofeast factory audit, product inspection, and manufacturing project data to determine … Continue reading

When a Textile Order from Bangladesh goes AWOL…

What happens when a textile order that you’ve placed and paid for with a Bangladeshi cut-and-sew supplier is seemingly forever delayed and the supplier is giving you nothing? This is, unfortunately, a rather common issue with Bangladeshi suppliers…here’s an example … Continue reading

EU ESPR is Coming in 2023 Act Now to become more Sustainable.

Renaud and compliance expert Clive Greenwood are back with a warning for importers who sell products in the EU about the impending EU Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) which is due to come into effect in May 2023. This … Continue reading

Chinese Suppliers “Are you my factory”

– A special guest post by Brad Pritts. US readers may recognize the question as an allusion to a classic American children’s book – “Are you my mother?” dating to the 1960s! Many tales have been told about difficulty identifying … Continue reading

What To Do If Your Electronic Product Is Made With Unreliable Components

Many electronic products are developed and manufactured without confirming that they don’t contain unreliable components. There are many reasons why a manufacturer rushes to get a product into production, such as to outpace copycats, sheer excitement, or their supplier pushing … Continue reading