Stainless steel bottle testing for safety & compliance. How does it work

Stainless steel bottle testing is something importers need to get right as they’re classed as a food contact material product (FCM). They’re a hot product and something we’re asked about quite regularly. In this post, we’ll explain the kinds of … Continue reading

Sourcing From China Guide (Part 2): Negotiations, Terms, Leverage, and Quality Standards [Podcast]

We originally discussed the types of suppliers you might use when sourcing from China, including the option to do your own sourcing! In order to help importers who want to follow that route, we’re creating a series of episodes that … Continue reading

sofeast china raw materials price indices

This year (2021) we’ve been tracking the costs of China raw materials in order for importers to have a clearer idea of the market in China and allow you to plan ahead if prices for your essential materials seem to … Continue reading

A Product Designer’s Tips For New Product Launches

In this post, we interview an experienced product designer to get his tips for new product launches. Why? A lot of people who come up with an innovative product idea think that the new product launch process goes something like … Continue reading

What's The Cost Of Quality_ [Podcast]

Our CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined again by Clive Greenwood and Max Phythian in this episode where they delve into the cost of quality. They have an interesting and lively discussion about what the costs are that are related to … Continue reading

My Manufacturer Is Forcing Me To Accept Poor Quality! | Disputes With Chinese Suppliers Q&A (Volume 11)

Sometimes your Chinese supplier will use various dirty tricks to push you into accepting products that don’t reach your quality standard. Why could this happen and what can you do about it? Find out here with a helpful example and … Continue reading

Power cuts in China. Why are they happening and how could this affect manufacturing

In September 2021, 10 provinces on China’s East coast forced their manufacturing sector to suffer power cuts. Even our own Dongguan contract manufacturing facility, in South China, was without power during the daytime on Monday and Tuesday this week. Widespread … Continue reading

Can Getting To Market First Stop Copycats_ [Podcast]

A recent China Law Blog article outlined why getting to market first with your new product isn’t great protection against copycats these days, especially if corners have been cut in the name of speed. Some entrepreneurs believe that skipping IP … Continue reading

Patent Infringement In China. What To Do If You're Affected

Here’s an interesting, yet unfortunate scenario about IP infringement in China. You have designed a new product and have found a Chinese manufacturing partner (supplier) to help develop and manufacture it under a manufacturing agreement. Nothing uncommon here. But how … Continue reading

Why The New Product Design & Introduction Process Is More Complex Than You May Think [Podcast]

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by an experienced British product designer and friend of the podcast Andy Bartlett to discuss the NPI process and product design best practices for new and unique products, with a focus on the early … Continue reading