The bottom line for importers of hard goods with elements of thermoplastics is that testing is an important part of your product’s development and manufacturing process.


You need to know that the thermoplastic material that your supplier is using reaches your requirements for:

  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Certifications

These videos provide our insight into plastic types, properties, and applications, as well as common plastic tests, gained over decades of working with and testing polymer-based products which are commonly created using injection molding.

Plastic tests will typically examine the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of the thermoplastics that your goods are made from. By doing so, you can be confident that the materials, and products, will reach your expectations.

Guides for selecting suitable plastics for some common product types

Our senior engineer, Paul Adams, has written several plastic selection guides for common product types such as internal parts, outdoor products such as garden furniture and signage, plastic enclosures for products, and more. Read them here!

Choosing Plastics for Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology

Videos about thermoplastics

If you’re a manufacturer or importer of thermoplastic-based products and components it’s important for you to understand the common thermoplastic properties and the plastic testing that can be carried out to assure their quality and suitability for your needs.

When you know which tests should be performed on plastics, then you can better control your inspection agency or supplier’s testing, as you will know that they’re carrying out the right tests for you.

Bioplastics white paper

Download your free copy of our whitepaper where we explore key types of bioplastics which are green alternatives to oil-based plastics:

Read more about plastic flexibility

You can read this blog post on which addresses how to measure plastic flexibility when purchasing from China:

Plastic injection molding videos

Watch our plastic injection molding series showing importers how your suppliers produce your goods, and optimal polymer types & processes.

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Do you need help with checking the quality of your plastic products?

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