The programs on these pages combine some of our most popular solutions into consolidated ‘programs’ which help you, the importer, achieve a specific goal.

Since they’re combined, they’re also priced differently to buying a single solution at a time and provide you with an even better value option when cooperating with us.

Read what the programs, their benefits, and their pricing are below, and hit the blue button to talk with us about arranging them and to get a quotation.

Initial supplier vetting program

Includes: Business Registration Check + Initial Factory Evaluation

Benefits: Get a solid understanding of a potential supplier’s true situation, both from the government database and from an on-site audit. You’ll also save 10% off the total cost of these solutions by choosing this combined program.
Price if ordered at the same time: 340 USD for suppliers based in mainland China with a factory in the main manufacturing areas (otherwise, extra travel expenses can apply).

Preventative Production Monitoring

Includes: Initial discussion + 4 visits to factory + follow up
Benefits: This program’s purpose is to find and address quality issues & production delays if any before they have widespread & disastrous effects. Very suitable for the first production of a new product and/or in a new factory.
Price if ordered at the same time: Save 30 USD off each inspection man-day (base price is 269 instead of 299 USD in mainland China. Extra travel expenses can apply if outside of the main manufacturing areas).

Proactive production management

Includes: Inspector(s) for visibility + a project manager guiding the factory

Benefits: Project manager pushes & guides suppliers to reach your objectives, particularly during a sensitive production run or new product launch, and quality inspector(s) also check process controls & product quality on-site.

Price if ordered at the same time: 34 USD per man-hour for project management and 299 USD per man-day for inspections (in the main manufacturing areas in China/Vietnam). Costs reduce when project cost hits certain milestones.

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