You can’t rely on Chinese or Asian suppliers to give you very thorough information about their manufacturing processes, so to help importers understand the plastic injection molding process, we’ve created a number of videos sharing our expertise.

Here at Sofeast we regularly work with Asian suppliers who manufacture plastic goods and components using injection molding. Some of our engineers used to work in tooling preparation or in a molding workshop, before working for us, so we have significant in-house injection molding experience.

All about Plastic Injection Molding and Thermoplastics [Videos]

First, a few questions for you:

  • Are you familiar with the production process your supplier is actually using?
  • Are they using the ideal plastic type for your product?
  • Are defects regularly occurring? How to prevent them?

These videos will provide answers for you and a whole lot more to bring you up-to-speed with the injection molding production process.

Plastic Injection Molding Videos

additional resources

Additional resources to learn more about injection molding

Learn more about testing plastics

We have also produced a video series on plastic testing to help you learn how to assure the quality of plastic products, or at least to get a better idea of whether your supplier or inspection team are on the right track.

Get help today


Do you need help with checking the quality of your plastic products?

Sofeast can help. Browse our quality assurance solutions which include factory audits and product inspections which our inspection team carry out on-site in Asia, or speak to us by hitting the blue button below or via our on-site chat function.

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