In these podcast episodes, Sofeast CEO Renaud Anjoran gives his expert insight into the basics and best practices that importers need to be on top when sourcing from China.

They will help you to vet Chinese suppliers effectively and avoid the many pitfalls that await the uninitiated!

🎙️ Vetting Chinese suppliers 🎙️

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1. 7 Ways Suppliers Can Cheat Importers Or Cause Problems

2. Initial Vetting Process & Approaches To Weed Out ‘Bad’ Suppliers

3. How To Evaluate Your Supplier’s Engineering Capability

4. On-site, Subjective Factory Evaluations

5. The Importance Of On-Site Factory Quality Audits

6. Why Conduct On-Site Social Compliance Audits?

7. Exploring Process Audits

8. Factory Testing Facilities

9. In-Depth Due Diligence

10. Pricing, Negotiation, Contracts

11. Series Wrap-Up: Tips For Continually Getting Good Results From A New Supplier

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