15 Packaging Companies In India

China is hard to compete with when sourcing suppliers for all kinds of products, however, India is an emerging option for products and services that China used to corner the market in such as PCBs and plastic injection molding. For … Continue reading

Bioplastics' Key Advantages & Disadvantages

As product designers look for more sustainable options to please increasingly environmentally savvy consumers, they are often looking at the advantages of bioplastics, such as lower production CO2 emissions, sustainable raw materials, biodegradability in many cases, and more…

4 Common Problems Importers Of Paper Products Suffer From

Sometimes we work for an importer of paper products (we’ll include cardboard and paperboard here, too) such as books, cards, boxes, packaging, etc, and it’s always the same few issues that come back. What are the potential problems you face, … Continue reading