You can’t always rely on your Chinese or Asian suppliers to give you extremely thorough information about the types of material required for your product and the fabrication processes they’re using.

But how to control your supply chain if you don’t fully understand what is going on in it?

We’ve created a number of videos drawing on our decades of experience about some of the materials and processes that we have a great deal of experience in to help you to understand what your products are made from, how they’re being made, and how best to test them.

Materials we regularly work with

Steel Alloys
Silicone Rubber

Processes we know very well

Die Casting

China raw materials cost changes

Sofeast’s sourcing team track the costs of commonly used raw materials from China and provide a monthly report in order to help you understand where the market is right now. Materials include stainless steel, ABS plastic, silicone, lithium elements fo batteries, paper for boxes, and more.

If you or your supplier/s are purchasing materials from China for your products it will help you to understand what the cost changes are. You can assess if they’re giving you a good deal and make arrangements to cope with increasing costs.

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