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In 2018, we opened a contract manufacturing subsidiary called Agilian Technology, just North of Shenzhen. It allows us to perform more services in-house for our clients. We use these 4,000 square meters for prototyping, pilot assembly runs, mass production, and some packing & fulfilment work.

This is a logical extension of our company’s mission — to help companies develop their own products and have control over their supply chain. As a buyer, you work with a 100% foreign-owned company and you have 100% transparency into the situation (the bill of materials, the assembly & testing operations…).

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Product Assembly

Product Assembly

We receive and inspect your components, assemble them, and test the finished goods. We can pack & ship them to you from our 4,000 square meter facility that is 100% owned by Sofeast. Solution provided for very small series to large batches. Full visibility on QC given.

co packing solution


We pack all of your products as per your specifications. Our process engineers set up the lines, estimate scrap rate, etc. We work to strict quality standards and the environment is clean. We can automate if required for high volumes.

storage and fulfillment solution

Storage & Fulfilment

Part of our facility is dedicated to labeling, packing, storage, and other fulfilment activities. Our labeling/packing lines are quite flexible, and give you real-time visibility. As well as warehousing, your goods are picked, packed, and shipped in direct response to market demand.

reworking and sorting defective products in china

Reworking & Sorting Defective Products in China

You’ve received products from your Chinese supplier with a high number of defects. We receive them at our facility and sort them into those that can be reworked and ‘salvaged’ and those that cannot. We rework them, check them again, and ship them to you.
We can also return scrap goods to your supplier for a rebate.

See Agilian’s facility in action here

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If you are planning to outsource manufacturing of your products to a Chinese supplier, you will also find Sofeast’s New Product Launch Roadmap [XLS + Video] useful.

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