shenzhen location of sofeast headquarters

Are you ready for anything but ordinary?
Come join our team in Asia’s ‘silicon valley.’ We’re hiring!

Forget the mundane.

Forget carbon-copy days that merge into one.

Forget what you think you know about Asia.

Join the team here at the Sofeast Group and dive into the vibrant, futuristic world of the Greater Bay Area megacity, Asia’s ‘silicon valley,’ where the future already exists and no day is the same.

Your life is about to become unrecognizable: Think world-leading technology and mass transport, a cashless and tech-driven society, friendly and curious locals, a myriad of foods that you’re yet to fall in love with (but will), and the opportunity to work with cutting-edge tech on a daily basis and experience an exciting foreign culture, unlike all others.

Living in one of Asia’s megacities isn’t all about tech and neon, though, as it’s surprisingly green with plenty of attractive parks and beaches a stone’s throw from the city, good air quality, and Hong Kong on the doorstep for a weekend away and a more international experience.

Sofeast’s main office is in Shenzhen itself, probably the most dynamic & modern city in China and our contract manufacturing company Agilian Technology and reliability testing laboratory, RSQ-Labs, are both in Dongguan which is just next door and linked by convenient mass transport.

Who is Sofeast?

The Sofeast Group was founded in 2006. It is managed by two French citizens and has grown into a 200+ person multi-company group with operations in several Asian countries and staff from and based in Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, the UK, and North America. 

Sofeast, Agilian, and RSQ Labs exist to provide B2B and B2C SMEs and entrepreneurs with (nearly) everything they need to design, develop, test, and manufacture their new product in Asia; and finally store, pack, and ship it to its final global destination.

We have several teams all staffed with specialized technical members who focus on their discipline. The teams include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Engineering
  • New Product Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Purchasing
  • Process Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Material & Product Test Lab

Our Mission

  • We aim at building the most amazing and innovative products.
  • Our customers are business partners, we shape a healthy supply chain with full transparency and a path for sustainable growth.
  • We do this through teamwork and a unique mindset & culture.

Our Vision

  • To bring professional resources and services to support their growth in China, India, Vietnam,  and beyond.
  • Our focus is on established B2B and B2C SMEs and innovative companies.
  • To be recognized for our unique and innovative business model as the most reputable supplier and/or manufacturer for our target customers. The customer will come to us because there is no better option for them.

Our Values

  • ‘Growth Mindset’ because our team is our strength, we believe this attitude is essential for employee growth and team spirit.
  • ‘Strive for excellence,’ as we provide professional services and we seek higher levels of quality.
  • ‘Customer awareness’ because our business exists only through our customers. Our reputation and quality of work are only seen through them and understanding them is fundamental.

Our Professional Environment

The Sofeast Group is a great place to learn. Our varied and professional environment across the group provides you with these learning opportunities and benefits:

  • Daily work with R&D team who work on mechanical, engineering, and firmware design
  • Prototyping equipment on site, to make ideas come to life quickly
  • A performance & reliability testing lab on site, to test product designs and improve them
  • Contact with many local materials, components, and specialty process suppliers, some of which are in the same neighborhood
  • Proven framework for new product introduction, inspired by what the best companies do and adjusted to fit the realities of projects at different sizes
  • A quality team who keeps building quality management systems that make sense for our processes
  • Hands-on top management who gets involved deeply in the projects and shares experience
  • All the managers can speak English, and it is the language for working documents, while at the same time being in a near-fully Chinese environment is great for picking up the language quickly

Exciting product types you might be working on

exciting products types sofeast work on

Here are a few of the exciting kinds of products we’ve been assisting customers to develop and manufacture recently:

  • E-skateboard
  • Portable water purification device
  • Smart pet feeder
  • Aftermarket automobile accessories
  • Massage devices
  • Power station
  • Health monitoring watch
  • Plant water monitor
  • Bedroom light
  • Smart workout clothing
  • Coffee filter
  • Earbuds
  • Smart package delivery system
  • Pet collar

Now you know a little more about us, we’d like to get to know you! So check out our job positions and details below and apply by filling out the form and including your Résumé. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Project manager

Dongguan, PRC

The ideal candidate will act as the project manager in complex development projects, document customer requirements and help define feasible project targets, provide and coordinate and support all NPD process tasks to ensure resources are correctly allocated.

Job Code: SF100

  • 1. Communicate with customers to align with their requirements and expectations, and help defining project specifications such as function, appearance, structure, materials, quality and test standards, legal and regulations requirement, etc.
  • 2. Cooperate with R&D on a feasibility study when needed.
  • 3. Build and manage the NPD plan, track all actions to ensure activities can meet NPD plan and customer requirements.
  • 4. Review the product design and prototype approvals (including reliability testing and compliance certifications…).
  • 5. Continuously communicate with customer on product development and modifications until it meets customer overall acceptance (function, cost and timeline), and bring it to mass production.
  • 6. Support or lead as needed, SCM PM and R&D, for communication with customers to ensure clear technical understanding of the requirements as well as our company capability and capacity to deliver.
Ideal Candidate Profile
  • At least bachelor degree, and an engineering background.
  • Fluent English, native english speaker is preferred.
  • Ability to manage projects.
  • Experience in mechanical design (2D and 3D drawings), molding, NPI, and at least a basic knowledge of metal, plastic and electronics.
  • Strong communication skills; ability to have meeting with overseas customers on technical matters and ability to help define customer requirements.
Salary Range

Salary range 15k to 40k RMB depending on relevant experience.


Join our dynamic team in a Chinese environment 😊

Here are a few images of our multinational team in China.

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