We’re afraid that we don’t provide client references because we are asked for them 10-15 times a week and our long-term clients have only so much time to devote to this, but you can read Sofeast testimonials from some of them here.

To build trust with new clients, we have no minimum order quantity, and the first service at around 100 to 300 USD is pretty much always an option.

What our clients are saying

Alexandru, Partner, Mindblower, Romania
Sofeast saves us valuable time that we can put towards running our business.

Sofeast always tries to find a win-win solution and make things very easy for us. This gives me time to focus on other domains such as customer service, sales, marketing, and website content.

Lauren, American Duchess Co., USA
We feel far safer producing goods in China with Sofeast in our corner.

We have used Sofeast’s services in different parts of China, and they maintained the same level of service. Booking a factory audit is simple and we receive their findings very quickly. We feel much safer with their team on our side.

Tom, leading e-cigarette company, USA
Fabien at Sofeast is a phenomenal project lead with tremendous manufacturing strategic insight.

He’s no-nonsense and will be your strongest asset. He makes clients feel empowered and thoroughly serviced. Once you tell Fabien your story, it becomes his story too. You immediately get yourself a partner in crime who assists and thinks in parallel. I don’t think he has ever forgotten anything, and we have loved working with him and are sure you will too.

Dean, Joeveo co., USA
Fairly priced and very effective sourcing makes Sofeast stand out when compared to other sourcing agencies.

After disappointing experiences with a number of different sourcing agencies, we’ve been working happily with Sofeast for a year and a half and appreciate their responsiveness, expertise, and database of pre-qualified suppliers for common needs.

Barbara, Gazon d’Avenir, France
Uncomplicated processes, clear reporting, and a high level of service make Sofeast easy to work with.

We have been working with Sofeast for 4 years, and so far we are very happy about their level of service and their commitment to adapt to our needs. Their processes are simple and user-friendly, and their reports are easy to understand.

Eden, owner of a swimwear brand, Australia
Sofeast made my first experience of using a buying agency so much easier than it could have been.

Evelyn has been wonderful to deal with and, as this was my first experience using a buying agent, I found the process very interesting. I’ll certainly be back for more help in future when I get into tricky situations.

Yannick, Project manager at Lowendalmasai, France
Sofeast’s committed staff and strong project management processes ensure targets are met on time.

Sofeast delivers high-level sourcing services, based on precise analysis and documentation, with a constant care to ensure correct fit to the end customer’s needs by taking a proactive approach. With committed staff and a strong project management process, they ensure the target will be hit on time.

James, Owner of an outdoor products brand, USA
Sofeast’s skilful negotiations solved serious issues and forged a stronger relationship with our Chinese supplier.

We had a large manufacturing issue that required us to recall our products and get them reworked. This issue cost us a lot of money. We wanted damages and payment from the factory, so we hired Sofeast to help us negotiate. Liz from Sofeast was perfect for the job – she has a unique understanding of Chinese factories and Western clients. This allows her to bridge the cultural communication gap and solve problems like no one we’ve ever seen. In the end, Liz was absolutely fantastic and we got exactly what we wanted out of the negotiation. We are now on even better working terms with the factory than before, all thanks to Liz’s work!

Carlos, Truer Marketing, Australia
Sofeast’s precise reporting and personalized follow-up give us a true view of our production operations that is as good as being on the ground in China.

I warmly recommend Sofeast to any company buying in China. I can testify about their attention to detail and their personalized follow-up of clients. Their reporting is very precise, and it allows us to understand easily what happened in production.


Our COO & partner, Fabien Gaussorgues, maintains an account on Upwork, where some clients have left very positive feedback, too.

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