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co packing in China

You work with one or several Chinese manufacturers. You want to have labeling and/or packaging done outside of their premises in order to insulate them from your IP, pricing, or distribution channel information; or perhaps you just need professional help to improve the quality of your packing.

We can provide this co packing in our own South China facility.

Co packing stands for “contract packing”. You contract our company to do packing, warehousing, and (as needed) shipping on a whole batch of products, or on a series of orders.

Either you contract us as a service provider, and we invoice you under the incoterm EXW, or we take possession of the materials and we ship them to you (for example, FOB or DDP).

In case specialized equipment is needed, or the volumes justify working on automation, the approach to follow needs to be discussed upfront.

Here are some examples of situations where importers chose to have us do this work:

  • A factory’s packing department is incapable of meeting the quality standard consistently.
  • A supplier should be kept in the dark regarding the distribution channel and/or the pricing, and that means they can’t be given the labeling & packing work.
  • An importer works with two suppliers who should never be in contact with each other, yet there is a need to pack products from different suppliers together.

In our facility, we also assemble and test custom-made products at a high quality standard. Our operators and line leaders all have quality in mind, and our inspectors give the necessary feedback. 

Actually, there are a number of great benefits to working with our 3PL to handle your fulfillment provides, and you can explore them here.

You arrange for products to be sent to our facility. Your other suppliers coordinate with us on delivery and need to be clear about what products are in what cartons (if there is a mix of different products).

If needed, we design, purchase, and inspect packaging elements. We can source the packaging materials (from small plastic bags to pallets) and/or use those sent to us.  Please keep in mind, there is a lead time for ordering custom-printed packaging which we will inform you about on a case-by-case basis.

We perform the service (packing the products as per your specifications). We typically conduct a quality inspection and send the report to you. 

Getting an agreement on exactly what to do is crucial. We like to prepare samples to get your approval before starting. In case of complex packing, or for regular work, we need a work instruction (or we develop one for your approval).

We have a fulfillment and warehousing facility in Dongguan, South China, where we can receive goods from your various suppliers.

A section of our warehouses is temperature and humidity-controlled. Sensitive materials such as lithium batteries and other electronic materials are kept between 20 and 27 degrees C. (Highest cost applies when materials need to be controlled this way.)

The facility is equipped for co-packing and provides certain benefits which you can learn about here:

Explore our facility for receiving your products or components and the services provided.

One of our project managers keeps the client updated all along. You get photos and comments if/when we encounter unforeseen issues, be they incoming material quality or inadequate work instructions, so we can work together on a solution.

As a rule, for the job to be viable, we will accept orders of 1,000 pieces or more. If you are unsure if your order quantity will be alright, please ask us and we’ll clarify.

What does co packing cost?

The amount depends on the work to do (number of hours of labor, complexity of setup…). The minimum is 500 USD per batch.

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