Get help with supply chain management. Sofeast’s project managers bring local experience to your team, acting as your right hand in your supply chain abroad in China, Vietnam, India, and SE Asia. We provide due diligence on current or potential suppliers to assure that they’re a perfect match and manage your projects and suppliers to retain close control of production.

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Supplier Background Check

Sofeast uses our local expertise to vet potential suppliers for you. Our focus is on assuring that your supplier is legitimate (no scams), has their story straight, is offering competitive pricing, and more generally is a good match for your business.

We can sometimes suggest suitable pre-approved suppliers (as part of a wider project) if you are struggling to find one.

New Factory Identification

New Supplier/Factory Sourcing

We consult you to get a very deep understanding of your requirements, and then search and contact export-ready suppliers on your behalf.

We search the most relevant directories and our own network of qualified manufacturers that has been built up over many years.

The goal is to find the best possible provider for your needs.


Experienced project managers act for you on the ground in China or Vietnam. We’ll make sure that your project is on track, delivery will be made on time, that costs stay under control, and will also push suppliers where needed.

Your project manager will be in regular contact so you are well-informed that your project is progressing as planned.

FBA Seller Support

FBA Seller Support

We support FBA sellers to help you to stop spending all your time on China operations and free it up for marketing & new product search/design instead.

FBA seller support gives you back control over your supply chain! You get expert help from our experienced production managers in China who deal with your suppliers, quality assurance, and logistics, giving you peace of mind.

Value-Added Procurement Office in China

Value-Added Procurement Office in China

Not only do we handle your standard procurement activities such as producing legal agreements & payment terms, as well as daily procurement, supplier management, and payments, but we also add value by:

  • Taking delivery of your products to our facility for inspection & re-packing
  • Sorting bad pieces for return to the supplier for rework or rebate
  • Devising and implementing an improvement plan with key suppliers
dropshipping from china

from China

Sofeast’s warehouse is set up to handle the entire dropshipping process from China for you, starting with sourcing products & packaging, receiving them from suppliers, through to checking, packing, and shipping them to your customers.

This is a great solution for online vendors with customers in multiple locations around the world.


Tooling Custody & Management

Instead of leaving your tooling with your Chinese supplier between productions where it may be at risk or damage or being used without your authorization, we receive it and store it securely at our Dongguan facility.

If you want to reduce your risk and protect your investment, explore how we can help you by being the trusted custodian of your tooling and by performing inspections at key milestones.

Explore our two facilities for receiving your products or components and the services we provide at them

sofeast 2 fulfillment facilities

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