Get help with product engineering. Sofeast’s experienced production and industrial design engineers work with you to design and develop your products in China, and take them to market quickly, at your desired quality, and on budget.

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DFM review

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Review

Do you know how far off your design is from being ready for mass production?

Our engineering team reviews your product design to understand your design intent, objectives, and constraints you are working under. They focus on ease of manufacturing custom parts and ease of assembly and provide a list of suggestions for changes to your next iteration.

product engineering solutions

New Product
Introduction in China

In our experience, many companies find developing and producing a new product in China really tough, as they lack the experience to make it happen smoothly.

If you want your project to be among the minority of successful launches, our experienced engineers work by your side to design and implement a new product introduction process to get your new product mass produced without delay, within budget, and at the required quality level.

prototype development


Once you have a product design, the next step to validate and improve the new product concept is to make a prototype.

We can work on it faster than most factories. We procure the parts needed and assemble them in our own facility. And we give feedback about ease of manufacturing that will be quite helpful.

product reliability testing

Product Reliability Testing

We run laboratory tests on your product prototypes to test its functionality and reliability with the aim of reducing consumer risks, complaints, and recalls.

Based on your budget, product type, and market compliance requirements, we will conduct environmental tests, acceleration tests, life tests, and also test packaging reliability, too.

sample evaluation comparison

Sample Evaluation & Comparison

Many business decisions are taken on the basis of a sample received from a manufacturer.
You need to know if samples from your suppliers differ, and detecting differences quickly is important for avoiding problems in production later.

However, you may not have manpower, expertise, or equipment to evaluate those samples when it comes to aesthetics, performance, construction, etc. That’s where our engineers help you.

360 product risk assessment

360 Degree Product Risk Assessment

When a company purchases a product (or component) that is already developed (or is being developed), some of the due diligence work needs to be performed on the product itself, too. We confirm that a product is safe for you to buy right now.

We check the product design for risks, compliance requirements, durability & reliability performance, draft a QA plan, including an inspection checklist, and more, to assure your products are suitable before you part with any money.

New product industrial design support

New Product Industrial Design Support

Stuck at the product design stage and need to get to production? We find you the right solutions, for the right cost.

Our industrial designers and structural and mechanical engineers support your project from the design phase with improvement suggestions, alignment with what can actually be achieved in China, & simulations to assure that the final product reaches your requirements.

Here’s how we support your new product development project 👉 NPD project milestones

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