You manage the purchasing and you need our help to reduce your risks

We can help you reduce risks when you buy COVID-19 medical supplies from Chinese suppliers. We have been doing factory audits and product inspections since 2006, and we are ISO 9001 certified by the British Standards Institution for these activities.

Below you can read a list of common risk-reduction activities we perform for you if you’ve already found suppliers and are placing the orders yourself. These are the solutions we regularly provide, but tailored for PPE (and medical products) buyers in this case.

Risk Reduction For Buyers Of COVID-19 Medical Supplies With Existing Suppliers

We can check their legal records (99 USD, 2 working days). We need you to provide us with the supplier’s company name & address in Chinese, and also their website or Alibaba page if possible.

Example of report available upon request.

We review the supplier’s certificates (such as CE certificate or NIOSH certification) & test reports, contacting the issuer(s) in order to verify legitimacy and assure that they truly possess legitimate certifications that allow you to safely import the products.

Cost of 99 USD (per product & manufacturer for up to 3 documents and 10 minutes of Q&A) with results in 2 working days.

We can check their quality system, if they have the proper equipment (e.g. a clean room for masks production), how they confirmed the quality of the materials they use, etc.

If the factory is small, an Initial Factory Evaluation may be sufficient. It is 279 USD in most manufacturing areas of China.

We also conduct more in-depth factory audits (Quality System Audit), starting at 495 USD.

We can scan all the documents on-site, and we can take photos of the products, boxes, cartons, and collect the size/weight/contents of boxes and cartons.

Introductions and examples of reports available upon request.

(Note that, these days, most suppliers of very ‘hot’ products try to avoid audits, and you may be unable to have them accept an audit if your order quantities are small.)

If the supplier declines the request to audit their factory, but you still want to know some information about them, it is possible to learn a lot just by sending an auditor to observe the factory and its processes without performing a formal audit.

Quotation: As per the details of your project.

Does the factory have the testing equipment (e.g. to confirm the fine mesh does block small particles, for masks)? We can check the testing records, or run a short test, while we are performing an inspection in the factory (see next paragraph). Unfortunately, very few factories have such equipment in-house.

Otherwise, we can send samples to a laboratory for testing. It may take a long time.

Quotation for testing: as per the relevant standards & chosen tests, and depending on the type of product.

Note about face masks: the most important is to confirm the filtering layer is up to standard. Inspectors need to pick samples and send them to a testing lab. Testing labs typically need weeks the full series of tests.

Many manufacturers in China subcontract a portion of what they sell. They might have capacity for 3 million pcs a week, but they sell 20 million pcs a week (most of it made outside). When that’s that case, the buyer has no idea about the quality and especially the effectiveness of the products.

To prevent this, we can station one or several quality technicians at the factory. They can monitor the flow of materials and give regular feedback on quality.

Quotation: as per details of the project.

This is particularly useful if you buy more than 5 million pieces.

Many PPE manufacturers are new to the market and unfortunately have little to no experience in manufacturing these important products. We improve their operations for you by stationing an engineer on-site for setting up process controls and preventive maintenance and training their operators.

Quotation: Will be provided based on your requirements.

We have our own network of quality inspectors who can go and inspect the products. If they are substandard, the factory can be requested to rework them, before re-inspection and shipment.

Product inspection pricing: The price in most areas of China is 299 USD for a 1-day inspection.

Introductions and examples of reports available upon request.

Note: for very high-risk items such as ventilators, test kits, etc., we do not perform inspections with our team, but we can arrange an inspection agency with specialized inspectors to do those jobs.

When the goods leave the factory, are they the same ones that were inspected before? Are they driven straight to the place of departure (e.g. airport)? Are they handed over for the Chinese Customs to perform their own controls? We supervise the transport of your goods to assure the shipment’s authenticity and security.

Quotation: As per the details of your project.

In many cases, masks, gowns, and other products need to be repacked. Sometimes in order to match specific requirements the manufacturer is not interested in meeting, and sometimes to hide some brand elements. We can support you to do this before export from China.
Price: 60 RMB per hour – we can also do a visual inspection of the products at the same time.

Note: We can also design and order your packaging for an extra cost. This is provided on application as it depends upon your packaging requirements and amount ordered.

If you’re unsure about any of the elements of this solution that you’ve seen above, speak with us by hitting the following button.

Got any questions about using Sofeast to reduce your risks or want to start a project?

Get in touch with us for a confidential and no-strings attached discussion. Please prepare as much information about the supplier/s you’re working with and medical supplies you want to purchase as possible so we can get started quickly!

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