Audit cost starts from 650USD for a small operation.

Many manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and elsewhere in Asia are paying a lot of attention to marketing & sales, but making little effort to improve their systems and processes.

If you work with a factory that runs poor production processes, you are likely to be disappointed time and again by poor quality and late shipments. Not to mention, their internal issues drive their costs up, and in the long run, you will pay for it, too.

In a PMA audit, we spend more time looking at the technical aspects of production, and less on the more traditional “quality management system” aspects. The work is nearly all done on the production shop floor.

If a factory says they have a solid process & product control plan, a PMA audit is a good opportunity to check it in detail and to comment on it.

This is the right type of audit if you want to ensure your manufacturer operates mature processes and has sufficient technical expertise to match your needs.

A PMA can be performed on any kind of factory. Some very small factories are very well organized, as are some very large ones.
The key is, that if you want to ensure you are working with a competent manufacturer, you need to look into the technical details of their operations.

In South China, our QA team has gathered the experience needed to audit the following processes:

  • General assembly & packing
  • General metal machining
  • Die casting
  • Batteries (Cells & Packs)
  • Wood machining for furniture
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Rubber molding
  • Electronics (PCBA)
  • Cut & sew for garments & bags

We are able to perform PMA audits in some other key areas, such as Vietnam and India, as well as wider Asia, but please discuss your needs with us in order for us to confirm if we have a suitable engineer locally or need to send one (extra costs may apply for the latter which we will inform you of in advance).

Our engineer’s main findings are laid out in our report, together with comments and photos. It will be quite obvious what the highest sources of risk are.

For example, when we send one of our engineers to check a die casting operation, they report on 10 aspects of that process:

  1. Production Capacity
  2. Technical Capability
  3. Process Controls
  4. Material Parameters
  5. Process Cycling Parameters
  6. Preventative Maintenance and its Effectiveness
  7. Tool/Die Storage
  8. Tool Design & Manufacturing Capabilities
  9. Tooling Efficiency
  10. General Housekeeping

How much does it cost?

Costs for the Process Management Audit start at 650 USD for a small operation in South China (in the Shenzhen/Dongguan area) or South Vietnam. Quotation on request in other areas and countries.

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