You’re welcome to visit our office here in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, the heart of China’s silicon valley.

Please just let us know in advance that you’d like to pop in or post something to us by contacting us.

Here are instructions that will help you to get to us.


The office address

Here’s the address in English:

34th Floor, Hon Kwok Center, Shennan Middle Road

Futian District, Shenzhen city, China

And now for the address in Chinese (you can show it to a taxi driver):



343410 单元

Phone: +86 755 8285 8796

Finding it on Google Maps (Warning: this link will not work in China):,+Futian+Qu,+Shenzhen+Shi,+Guangdong+Sheng,+China/@22.5395,114.0781113,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3403f43bc0ce1e59:0xec0bbbf92800dc8b!8m2!3d22.5395!4d114.0803?hl=en

Finding it on Baidu maps (this will open in China):,2560586.6,19z


If You Come by Metro

Go to the ‘Huaqiang Road’ metro station on Shenzhen metro line 1.

  1. Take exit C, and at exit C go left into the mall.
  2. Walk along the main street, in a Westerly direction. Here is the path:

sofeast shenzhen office address close up

The building looks like this:

sofeast office building futian shenzhen 


Visiting us from Hong Kong airport

We anticipate most visitors coming in from Hong Kong airport. A view of our office location in relation to Hong Kong airport can be seen below:

sofeast office location in relation to hong kong airport

It’s easy to travel from Hong Kong to our office using public transport or a taxi. These are the two best options for you:

  • Option 1: cross the border in Huang Gang / Lok Ma Chau, take a taxi to the office. Count 10 min in the taxi in light traffic.
  • Option 2: cross the border in Luohu / Lo Wu, and either take the metro (5 stops on line 1, no transfer needed) or take a taxi (count 20 min in light traffic).

You can see the locations of the main border checkpoints for the metro below:

sofeast china office location

Luo Hu (called “Lo Wu” in Hong Kong) is the easiest border checkpoint to use as it sits on metro line 1 in green which directly serves our office (indicated in the red box) with no need to change lines. You can see the intersections between Hong Kong and Shenzhen’s metro lines below:

shenzhen metro map

However, it is also easy to take line 4 from Futian checkpoint/Lok Ma Chau and change to line 1 to arrive at Huaqiang rd.

You can also take a coach, or a local Hong Kong taxi (which will drop you at the border crossing of your choice) from the airport if you desire.

You can also pay a little more and take a 7-seater limo van to either Shenzhen Wan border (Nanshan) or Huanggang border (Futian).

Important: It’s a VERY good idea to have some way to pay for transport before arrival. These days most Chinese use a WeChat Pay or Alipay account loaded with money on their phones to pay train/metro/bus/taxi fares, but you may also carry Hong Kong and Chinese cash (notes and coins), especially if taking the metro and/or bus unless you already possess an MTR Octopus card and Shenzhen tong transport card which are loaded with cash.

Do you have any more questions about Sofeast, what we do, and how we can help you? Take a look at our FAQs, as they will get you started! 👍👍

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