At Sofeast we’ve been working with clients who produce diecast goods in China for many years, and on our team we have first-hand die casting experience, especially in mechanical and electronic products.

With this in mind, we’ve created a series of videos which shares our die casting expertise.

Die casting process

These videos will help you to understand:

  • The process your supplier is actually using
  • The material types and their properties
  • Common defects and how to avoid them

By understanding the process, materials, and potential problems, you’ll be better placed to take control of your supply chain, costs, material choice, and quality and could ultimately improve your product quality coming out of Asia.

Die Casting Videos

Explore these videos which explain the die casting process and other important aspects in much more detail:

the different die casting processes
step by step die casting process
understanding die casting defects
raw material metal ingots for die casting
aluminum die casting process

It’s very common for components and products made from non-ferrous materials, such as aluminum or zinc alloy, to be produced via die casting. But how well do you know the production process that your suppliers are using to produce your own goods?

If you’re an importer who outsources diecast products to Chinese or Asian suppliers, you may find that they don’t give you a lot of information about the processes and materials involved beyond assurances that they’re adhering to your requirements and quality standards.

Hopefully these videos give an expert insight into what it takes to improve quality and understand what your suppliers are doing on your behalf.

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