Why choose Sofeast?


100% Foreign-owned, with top management staff from Europe & USA


Set up your supply chain in total transparency, so you retain full control


Strategies and tools for keeping your product IP secure, even in China


In-house R&D team, rapid prototyping equipment, and testing lab


Help you build quality, safety, reliability & durability, into your products


Deep experience in manufacturing of electro-mechanical products


Structured approach to validate prototypes as well as manufacturing processes


One-stop solution for importers of new products in China, India, Vietnam

Sofeast’s Solutions

Sofeast provides these solutions to help you get the best from your suppliers in China and India. Hit the blue buttons below to learn more about the solutions.

If you are unsure which solution is right for you, book a free phone consultation with us to talk through your situation instead.

supply chain management solutions

Supply Chain

Sofeast’s project managers are on the ground in China and India and assist you with the management of your local supply chain.

We vet and sometimes suggest suitable suppliers for you, but can also take over the management of your local supplier or project if you need faster progress. We can also help Amazon FBA sellers with managing their specific supply chain needs too.

product engineering solutions


Sofeast has deep product engineering expertise used to help you design & develop your new electro-mechanical products. Importers who want to avoid common pitfalls or are tired of production problems from unstable processes, benefit here.

Our designers and engineers are on your team, helping bring products to market with as few risks of quality, reliability, and compliance issues as possible.

quality assurance solutions


Production costs in China and elsewhere are rising, so there is less tolerance for unpleasant surprises. Sofeast helps you with solid quality assurance solutions which help to avoid mistakes, mitigates those that occur, and reduce your costs.

We work mostly on general consumer goods (including textile, electronics, toys, etc.) and mechanical products. Mainly in China, India, Bangladesh, and Taiwan.

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Our Commitments To You

Sofeast commitments to you
There is no 'lock in' and no information retention -- you stop working with us anytime
Our pricing is based on the amount of work we put it, not on how much we think we can extract from you
We try and provide advice & guidance to every client, and we are not in the business of one-off transactions

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