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What is the Logistics Management solution?

You need to get some materials or products from point A to point B. It involves picking the right transportation mode, dealing with Customs, paying duties and/or tariffs, and so on. Use Sofeast’s logistics management solution and we can take care of the management of the whole logistics process for you.

We start from your needs and provide an overall logistics management solution and quotation. It can involve the following activities:

  • Guidance on the right type of packing, transportation mode, and incoterm, for your specific situation and lead time.
  • Warehousing of products, components, or samples, in our 4,000 square meter facility in Dongguan (Agilian Technology) or our Shenzhen Free Trade Zone facility in Pingshan.
  • Consolidation of batches from several factories into one shipment. We can organize it in our warehouse or in a third-party warehouse by the port, depending on what is more efficient.
  • Shipment of your goods. We request multiple quotations from local freight forwarders to provide you the best option. We also help with managing all the related paperwork, and if needed the duties and tariffs, if any.
  • Fulfilment to individual customers by drop-shipping. It is inexpensive from China to the US (e-packets, Flexport…), for example. For other countries, we can help you gather data and evaluate whether it is a cost-effective approach.
  • Confirmation that your packaging protects your products through highly accelerated lifetime testing (vibration test, free fall drop test…), and that your products will remain dry.
  • Two in-house logistics experts are on our team, including one with 5 years of experience in freight forwarding operations. We are used to managing export shipments ‘door to door’ (DDU, DDP), and with multi-modal shipments (e.g. shipping on truck from the factory then by sea/air, and then by truck again).
  • You’ll benefit from our long term relationship with logistics providers who ensure good service at reasonable costs.  We are directly in contact with their Chinese or Vietnamese operations and most of the unexpected issues happen in Asia, so we can investigate and bring solutions quickly when needed.
  • Flexible processes will meet your unique needs. For example: we have our own warehouse management system, but in addition we can use yours; we can retrieve and input data in your own e-commerce management software.
  • We are very familiar with Amazon labelling requirements, since many of our clients sell some of products in the “FBA” channel. We can also manage the re-stocking on your behalf (and keep you posted every step of the way) so you can focus on marketing and new product design.
  • Scam prevention is built-in. For example, when sending courier packages to certain parts of the world, we noticed a high frequency of unjustified claims – for example, one of the ‘agents’ along the chain pretending the package is larger or heavier than it is. Our measure is to record the measurement and ask the courier personnel to confirm our records, every single time.
  • For shipments over 100 kg, air freight is better than courier.
  • If you’re shipping above 15 cubic meters, or lower for fragile goods, go for full container load (FCL, not LCL).
  • Keep in mind the ‘fast sea’ option, cheaper than air freight, but faster than normal sea freight.

What does logistics management cost?

First we clarify your needs are and produce an initial estimate if we can help you. If the estimate is acceptable, we will provide you with a detailed tailor-made quotation and can then both move forward with the project.

Hit the button below and provide us with a few project details so we can get back to you with your initial estimate.

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Are you buying COVID-19 PPE and medical supplies?
Since the regulations to export PPE successfully out of China vary on a day-to-day basis, and most manufacturers only want to sell in EXW terms, it is highly risky to process the export and manage the shipment. We do not engage in these activities for PPE products these days.

Please refer to our coronavirus resources page for further information.

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