How to start sourcing from China? 🤔

How confident do you feel about DIY sourcing from China for supplier for your materials, components, and manufacturing/assembly?

There are many benefits to sourcing from China: Cost, convenience, and great infrastructure to name but a few.

But a significant barrier to entry is a lack of experience and understanding of what you need to do to find great suppliers and protect yourself. You can’t just search on Alibaba and send money to a vendor as it’s just too risky!

You need to go direct to the market and reach out to potential suppliers yourself!

But where to start?

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran talks you through the sourcing process, from how and where to find potential suppliers, putting in place a manufacturing agreement, negotiating costs, managing your project, inspecting quality, and so much more.

This will give you a good basis to start your search for great new suppliers from China!


🎙️ Step-by-step sourcing guide 🎙️

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1. Good Fit, Sourcing, Vetting, & Backups

2. Negotiations, Terms, Leverage, & Quality Standards

3. Project Management & Checking Quality Early

4. Final Inspections

5. Building Rapport

6. Hands-on or hands-off buyer?

7. How To Develop Your Chinese Supplier?

8. How To Improve Quality From Your Supplier?

9. Keeping your supplier’s costs under control

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