DIY Sourcing From China Part 4: Final Inspections [Podcast]

Our CEO Renaud Anjoran continues this mini-series of episodes for importers who want to handle their own sourcing from China from start to finish with this episode about final inspections that is the fourth in the series.

Back in part 3 of the series, we discussed how to manage your project with your outsourced manufacturer and the role of inspections during the production process.

Moving on to the next stage, your supplier has now manufactured your products and you’re almost ready to ship! But before you do there’s a last important step to remember, to perform a final random inspection where you’ll verify product quantity, quality, and packaging and labelling accuracy.


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Episode sections

  • 00:00 – Greetings & introduction into where we are in the series and today’s topic: final inspections.
  • 02:30 – What are the risks of letting products ship without performing a final inspection? 
  • 11:04 – What is a final inspection? 
  • 16:18 – When are final inspections usually performed, and why?
  • 19:02 – Where should the final inspection take place and who does it? 
  • 24:11 – Why it’s a very busy time period for inspections just before Chinese New Year.
  • 25:51 – What are the unique benefits of a final inspection in comparison to earlier product inspections?
  • 31:51 – Wrapping up. 


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