India’s Efforts To Mitigate Its Environmental Impact (Summer 2023)

China gains a lot of headlines for its leadership in renewable energy production, and rightly so, as they push to hit peak greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. However, its neighboring giant, India, is also working on reducing its environmental impact, … Continue reading

India Gaining Popularity over China as a Near-Shoring and Sourcing Destination

Most importers have been affected by supply chain disruption in recent years. Zero-Covid in China, exploding shipping costs, component shortages, the invasion of Ukraine, political tensions between China and the West, and the impacts of Covid on Western economies causing … Continue reading

Further confirmation that India’s exports to North America are booming

A fairly recent Journal of Commerce article titled: “Cheaper than China: India–US trade surges as sourcing slowly shifts away from China,” gives us even more confirmation that exports from the Subcontinent to North America are booming to China’s cost.

E Coating Companies in India (10 picks)

The strong and vibrant ‘paintjob’ on automobiles is often produced by E Coating, a cross between painting and plating. India has a number of great companies who’re experts in the e coating process and could be options for importers sourcing … Continue reading

Manufacturing Safety Challenges In India

Between 2015-2018, 6,500 workers died on duty at Indian factories, mines, construction sites, and ports. That’s the official statistics, but some victims may not have been declared and counted. If we look at factories in isolation, does India have a … Continue reading

Aluminum Manufacturers In India

It’s estimated that global aluminum demand will increase by almost 40% by 2030. To meet demand growth in all industrial sectors, aluminum manufacturers will need to produce an additional 33.3 mt within 8 years. Keep on reading to find out … Continue reading

Aluminum in India

Little packets with scary warnings and small plastic balls in jars of vitamin pills, packaging boxes for electrical appliances, and in the shoebox of your newly purchased sneakers. Who hasn’t come across these bags of silica gel? If you’re sourcing … Continue reading

glass companies in india

India has a rich tradition of glassmaking which goes way back to the medieval period and spans all the way to today’s glass companies in India who are still producing excellent glassware for personal and industrial use. The earliest mention … Continue reading

How Sourcing From India Has Changed In 2022 (Part 2 Chennai & Hubli-Dharwad)

Following my recent trip to India to tour a lot of component manufacturers and get to grips with what it’s like as a supply chain base for today’s importers who’re interested in alternatives to China in June 2022, I wrote … Continue reading

How Sourcing From India Has Changed In 2022 (Part 1)

For the past 2 weeks in June 2022, I’ve been travelling around India on a mission to discover how sourcing from India has changed since my last visit around a decade ago. I’ve seen a number of different component factories, … Continue reading