10 Sourcing Tips & Hacks to help you Find the Right Suppliers in Asia

What is the right supplier and how do you find them? Sit tight, because we’ve got a great video full of sourcing tips and hacks that will help you!

Chinese Suppliers “Are you my factory”

– A special guest post by Brad Pritts. US readers may recognize the question as an allusion to a classic American children’s book – “Are you my mother?” dating to the 1960s! Many tales have been told about difficulty identifying … Continue reading

Typical Problems with Electronic Contract Manufacturers in China

There are numerous reasons to source a contract manufacturer in China, Vietnam, India, or elsewhere in Asia to manufacture your electronic products. Oftentimes the cost is lower, they have great capabilities and experience, and the supply chain infrastructure for materials … Continue reading

Aluminum in India

Little packets with scary warnings and small plastic balls in jars of vitamin pills, packaging boxes for electrical appliances, and in the shoebox of your newly purchased sneakers. Who hasn’t come across these bags of silica gel? If you’re sourcing … Continue reading

glass companies in india

India has a rich tradition of glassmaking which goes way back to the medieval period and spans all the way to today’s glass companies in India who are still producing excellent glassware for personal and industrial use. The earliest mention … Continue reading

list of powder coating companies in india
Automobiles, bicycle frames, household appliances: powder-coated products can be seen almost everywhere around us. The number of powder coating companies in India is growing massively due to industrialization and fast urbanization, attracting many foreign direct investments. This places India as … Continue reading
List of India Jewelry Manufacturers (10 Picks)
Jewelry and decorative ornaments have been made in India from around 2300 to 1750 BCE, and there is evidence that Indian craftsmen had mastered jewelry-making from metals and pearls by the 4th–5th century CE as India was, for a long … Continue reading
List of Textile Testing Labs in South India (10 options)
India is a well-known source of textile fabrics, apparel, and other softlines. It is competitive with other producers such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, etc. So in complement to the manufacturers, there are also plenty of textile testing labs in India … Continue reading
How To Find Trustworthy Chinese Suppliers

Let’s say you’re buying from China for the first time. Finding trustworthy Chinese suppliers will be near the top of your wishlist, as everyone has heard the horror stories of Chinese suppliers behaving badly. First, the bad news… There is never absolute … Continue reading

10 CNC Parts Manufacturers In Southern India
CNC parts from India are a viable alternative to those from China today, and many of the machine shops are situated in Southern India's Chennai in Tamil Nadu. CNC machined parts are very popular today for both rapid prototypes and … Continue reading