China is a great source of high-quality and low-cost LED products. On this page, we share videos about the LED devices, which tests are important, and key standards they must adhere to. This information is useful for importers, as it will help you to assure that you’re bringing in good quality LEDs.

Quality Assurance Solutions for LED Importers

When starting to import LEDs from China or elsewhere in Asia you need to be careful though. Explore the 3 types of quality assurance solutions that make the most sense for the majority of LED importers below:

A factory audit to confirm they have the quality system & testing facilities necessary for this production, and to understand what fabrication they have in-house (or do they only do assembly?)

Product inspections before assembly starts confirm the right components were procured (garbage in, garbage out).

The first time you work with a factory, an inspection during production is important.

A final random inspection before shipment confirms the average quality of a batch by counting cartons and randomly pulling out samples. Their detailed report then puts you in a position to accept or reject the batch of products.

LED Products Videos

Resources with more information for importers of LED items

If you’re importing LEDs or planning to start soon, you may also find these blog posts from our blog over at useful too. They give some extra detail about the processes that you need to follow to assure that you receive the best quality LEDs possible:

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