If you’re interested in importing coronavirus medical supplies and face masks from China due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this collection of resources from ourselves and other sources aims to help you make informed decisions and get safer, more satisfactory outcomes.
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Coronavirus Medical Supplies _ Resources For Buyers

Our Solutions To Help You Import Medical Supplies & PPE Safely

We are actively helping importers like you bring in quality medical supplies from China right now. Before you place an order for the high-risk products, learn how we support you.

WE reduce your risks while YOU manage the purchasing

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If you have already found a medical supplies or PPE supplier, don’t risk placing an order before conducting the right due diligence. When demand is high and time is tight, it may be that checking documentation and information about the supplier is your best option to assure safe, high-quality products, so we handle this for your peace-of-mind.

You may also choose to check the following individuals solutions, all of which can help you to purchase and import coronavirus medical supplies and PPE more safely.

Supplier due diligence

Are you dealing with a manufacturer?
Have they recently added PPE in their authorized scope of manufacturing?
Have they had issues in the past with the justice system?
We can help raise some common red flags.

Certificates verification

Do not purchase any regulated and high-risk products without first ensuring the manufacturer provides you with legitimate and relevant certificates and reports.
Otherwise, you might be in trouble down the road (high liability).

Factory audit

Would you send a lot of money to a company you haven’t visited? To limit your risks, we can send an auditor to the factory and report on their processes, what they are making, and whether their quality system is reliable.

Product inspection

PPE products can be manufactured in a rush and be unable to perform their basic functions. And you want to make sure packing and labeling conforms to your requirements.
We have staff around the coast of China.

Quality Control checklists for common PPE products

We have made the following QC checklists available so you can use them to check the quality of samples from a potential supplier or a batch of medical products & PPE your supplier has finished, in addition to laboratory testing. They also give you an understanding of how our quality inspectors support you when you instruct us to perform product inspections.

News stories about Coronavirus featuring Sofeast's CEO, Renaud, and COO, Fabien.

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We are not lawyers. What we wrote above is based only on our understanding of the regulatory requirements. We do not present this information as a basis for you to make decisions, and we do not accept any liability if you do so. Please consult a lawyer before taking action.

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