Ceramic products are everywhere in today’s world. Porcelain, pottery, tiles, brick, glass, the list goes on…

As you may know, ceramic manufacturing requires very specific skills, even for traditional ceramics such as porcelain goods and floor or wall tiles that have been around for thousands of years, but are still widely used to this day. Indeed, many importers of ceramic products have suppliers in China and wider Asia.

ceramic products

So, what do importers of ceramics need to know?

Let our senior engineer, Paul Adams, talk you through ‘must-know’ knowledge for importers built up over decades of Sofeast dealing with ceramic manufactures and checking its quality for our clients.

We’ll focus on typical ceramic goods sourced from Asia, their manufacturing processes, common defects, and much more in the following videos.

Ceramic Products Videos

AB Grade Porcelain
Grades Of Ceramic Tiles

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Do you need help with outsourcing your ceramic products to Asian suppliers?

Sofeast can help. Take a look at our many solutions which can help importers of ceramics get better results and quality from their suppliers in China or elsewhere in Asia:

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