New clients often ask how we make money. They are used to working with service providers who get a cut of all transactions.

The answer is very simple: we get paid based on the time we work.

What Makes Sofeast Unique?

Sofeast is more than just a ‘QC agency’, an ‘engineering firm’, or a ‘sourcing agent’.
We offer you support for your entire production project in China, from vetting a supplier through to shipping. We have the processes, the tools, and the competencies for that.

supply chain management

We screen & qualify suppliers for you

Selecting the right supplier is paramount. Our project managers and auditors work with you to find a supplier who is a perfect match for your company based on their processes, quality system, experience, and motivations.

We ensure factories only ship the best quality

We start by defining product specifications and potential issues before production. Once it comes to production quality control, we maintain a separate group that acts as a professional and independent QA/QC entity. This is the best way to flag serious problems, with no other considerations in mind.

supply chain management solutions

We offer real quality assurance

We prepare product specification sheets, we check product quality. Many other companies do this. What makes us more unique is the production process experience of some of our auditors and inspectors. Where needed, we can find issues and suggest fixes, where our competitors would produce a superficial report based on documents and/or a visual check.

product engineering

We help you develop new products

Our engineers fill any gaps in design, development, and pre-production expertise that your company’s or supplier’s staff may have. We assure that the project is on track by reviewing it at pre-arranged milestones.

We orchestrate your supply chain

Our project managers act for you on the ground in China to manage your projects and suppliers, implementing a long-term cost and risk reduction strategy to suit your needs.

How we get paid

With Sofeast, there are no surprises:

  • Flat fee for some services with defined deliverables (e.g. a QC checklist for a relatively simple product is 99 USD; auditing a factory starts at 279 USD)
  • Price per hour for project management (34 USD, or lower under a retainer)
  • Price per hour for engineering (42 USD, or lower under a retainer)
  • Price per man-day of work for inspections (299 USD, with extra expenses if a lot of traveling is involved)

In general, we provide quotations in advance for new clients, except in the case of Quality Assurance solutions clients who are always all provided with them in advance.

For contract manufacturing/packing jobs, we can only give quotations once we know the exact work to be done.

When you work with us, we provide a transparent, streamlined way to work with Chinese suppliers that gives you peace of mind.

sofeast transparency and value added

Here is a comparison of your main options, when it comes to having local support:

Your employees Sofeast Traditional ‘agents’
Cost is based on amount of time spent working Cost is based on amount of time spent working Cost is based on 5-15% of transaction amount
Cost is similar whether very busy or not Cost goes to zero if there is no work Cost incurred every time products are shipped
About 50% of hires are mistakes Easy to start and try us (no MOQ) Often push you to sign on for an entire project
Relatively fixed cost in the mid term Contract can be stopped with reasonable notice WIll always try to remain ‘in the middle of things’

Ready to develop your own new product? Click here to see a similar comparison between Sofeast’s R&D team and your other options: Hiring in your own R&D team and delegating it all to a factory.

Who we don’t work with

Here are some of the characteristics of companies we can’t help:

They want a whole supply chain, already ready, without any effort. If that’s you, you should work with a trading company (if you buy off-the-shelf products) or an ODM factory (if you want a differentiated, if not unique, product). And most of the information about the supply chain will be theirs, not yours. That can work well in the short term.

They want to pay a percentage of the purchased amount to an “agent”. That’s not our business model. We are very focused on following the right process, as a means to reaching the right objectives. We charge a honest rate for professional services, for those buyers who want to maximize their chances of success.

They are unwilling to understand that dealing with Asian suppliers is different. We can provide advice (much of it free in our articles) on the right approach when buying in China or Vietnam. But we can’t let a local manufacturer to think and work like those in your country. If that’s you, you should buy from resellers in your own country.

They only see us as a last-resort solution. We gets calls from distressed importers every week. ‘If only I had followed the advice in your e-book, rather than trusted that scumbag of a salesperson’, they say. Then they hope we can help them recover their money. With no real contract and a fly-by-night supplier. That’s way too late.

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