Are you performing random quality inspections? Use the free AQL calculator from Sofeast to quickly find:

  1. The ideal sample size for your quality inspector to pick (number of pieces that must be randomly checked from the lot being examined).
  2. The number of major and minor defects that can be tolerated within it based on your AQL (Acceptance Quality Limit) specifications.

AQL calculator

Enter your own selections in the fields below to get sample size and tolerable defects for your own situation to give to your quality inspection team.

For best results, watch this guide to using the above acceptance sampling calculator


A word about our way of reading the AQL tables

We decided not to follow the ‘arrows’, as it can be a bit confusing in some cases, especially since most users count critical, major, and minor defects.

The ISO 2859-1 standard allows users to do that in clause 10.3:

If this procedure leads to different sample sizes for different classes of nonconformities or nonconforming items, the sample size code letter corresponding to the largest sample size derived may be used for all classes of nonconformities or nonconforming items, when designated or approved by the responsible authority.


More useful information about Acceptance Quality Limits (AQL)

These blog posts will help you to explore the topic even further.

Get help with your product inspections from the professionals in Asia

We provide many types of product inspections for importers who are having quality issues with their suppliers in Asia.

Hit the links below to see each inspection in detail:

Production monitoring reporting (PMR)
Inspection during production (DPI)
Final Random Inspection (FRI)
Full production check (FPC)
Packing and loading supervision (PLS)

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