Electronic Product Inspections For New Products What's Appropriate

One of our customers recently asked what kinds of electronic product inspections would be appropriate for their new product. Since a lot of businesses are developing and manufacturing electronic products, let’s explore this interesting topic here…

How To Maintain Good Quality When Manufacturing A New Piece Of Apparel?

Maintaining good product quality when manufacturing a new piece of apparel is a common concern, even when working with a regular manufacturer. The issue here is that the garment is ‘new,’ and, in this case, new means ‘increased risks.’ Increased … Continue reading

It’s a must to conduct a product quality inspection on products you’re getting made by a new overseas supplier, or perhaps from a regular supplier who’s manufacturing a new product for the first time. If you can’t be on-site, using … Continue reading

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud was recently a panellist on a fireside chat webinar from Global sources where he spoke about QC trends in 2021 and some other key topics that concern importers right now. In case you missed this webinar, here … Continue reading

Most product inspections take place at your supplier’s factory which makes sense as that’s where the products are being made, allowing a QC inspector to go in there and check during production, for example. But there are times when you … Continue reading

how to prepare your qc inspection report

You may already have seen our infographic explaining how a random inspection works, if so, you’ll see that it is a good introduction to these inspections. Now, the next step is learning how to report the results in a QC … Continue reading

I have written extensively about pre-shipment inspections (before, during, or after production), always from the perspective of the buyer checking what a supplier is doing; but I noticed that I haven’t covered what’s known as a receiving inspection (also called incoming … Continue reading

Off-Site QC VS In-Factory QC

Is there ever a situation where you’d want your product inspection to be performed away from your Chinese supplier’s factory? Yes! We’ll explain your options in Off-Site QC VS In-Factory QC.

How To Conduct Stricter QC Inspections, Aside From Lowering The AQL_

Buyers often ask us, how to do stricter QC inspections with some of their suppliers in China or Vietnam. There are 5 tips that we can offer if you’re in this situation:

These days, many companies are buying surgical masks due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak without knowing much about that type of product. Are you in that situation? If so, here is a generic quality control checklist that we use for … Continue reading