FOB Risk Of Loss Is A Real Problem. Don’t Be Caught Out!

FOB is the preferred incoterm for many businesses that manufacture in Asia and then import products to their country. We usually recommend it because it gives you a lot of control over your shipping process. However, there is a danger … Continue reading

Do NOT Send Samples To China Through Your Country’s Post Office

There is a very common and rather unfortunate issue that you need to be aware of if you’re sending samples of components, products, etc, to China: Using your country’s post office. The amount of packages that get lost using this … Continue reading

HS vs HTS Codes How to Find the Right Code for your Product (incl. Links to Official Sources)

Importers who outsource manufacturing in Asia need to ship their goods around the world to where they’re being sold. Understanding the difference between HS vs HTS codes could be the difference between paying higher or lower import duties, fees, and … Continue reading

USA Logistics & Shipping Summer 2022 Update (Feat. Marshall Taplits of

 Marshall Taplits founder of East-Coast 3PL Ship It Done and American logistics and shipping expert joins Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran to update us about the situation in the USA right now in July 2022. Covid, fuel and energy costs, staffing … Continue reading

Exploring Why Sea Freight Is So Expensive In Summer '21 [Podcast]

In This Episode… Renaud is joined this week by global logistics expert Jon Monroe who boasts over 30 years in the logistics industry and has a strong focus on Transpacific trade who shares detailed information about how the sea freight … Continue reading

China’s Shipping Bottlenecks June 2021 - What It Means For You.

Logistics have been in a mess so far in 2021. You have probably already been affected by delays and cost rises. Let’s review the situation. Chiefly, Covid-19 is at fault, as it caused a double whammy effect: A drop in … Continue reading