AI Product Design How to use AI early during Industrial Design (Examples)

AI product design appeals to today’s industrial designers who are looking for improvements in efficiency and creativity. We’re going to explore how combining two innovative AI tools, ChatGPT and Midjourney, could change the way designers approach the early concept discovery … Continue reading

Robust Design Enhancing Product Quality and Performance

Introduction Robust design, also known as the Taguchi Method, offers a systematic framework to tackle challenges like variations in manufacturing and enhance product quality (it’s a sophisticated method of Design for Quality). By integrating robust design principles into the product … Continue reading

DFM for PCBA – 40+ Improvements

Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (or PCBAs) are a critical component for electronic products of all kinds as they’re home to many of the electronic components that, simply put, allow the product to operate. Manufacturing and assembling them is either done … Continue reading

What is ”Quality” [Podcast]

Renaud takes you through the more theoretical side of quality, sharing several interesting definitions, exploring the difference between ‘little q’ and ‘Big Q’ quality, and sharing some insight into how to improve quality in your supply chain. Every importer sees … Continue reading

As part of our design support service, we have been talking to many inventors who are planning to manufacture their new products in China about the importance of starting with mature product designs. What many don’t understand is, there are several … Continue reading

Toy Safety Tips The Right Mindset for Inventors & Designers

Let’s get into a list of toy safety tips that will help you get into the right mindset to build safety into your toys from the start of the process and avoid anything as drastic as a safety recall. Inventors … Continue reading

What is Agile design? Agile design is a highly collaborative way of design and developing new products that breaks big tasks into groups of subtasks to be performed in short ‘Sprints.’ These tasks are regularly reported back to the virtual … Continue reading

selling your new toy

Creating for Kids is perhaps the most rewarding and fun sector to design for, so if you are about to take the plunge in this arena then welcome, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! In this post, we’ll be … Continue reading