What A New Buyer On A Small Budget Should Know BEFORE Buying From China [Podcast]

In This Episode… This time our CEO, Renaud Anjoran, is joined by Rico Ngoma, CEO of Source Find Asia, for a discussion about how entrepreneurs and SMEs who are working with a low budget should get started with manufacturing in … Continue reading

Product Compliance For Made-In-China Products [Podcast]

In This Episode… If you’re getting your products made in China (or other Asian countries like Vietnam) you as an importer should be very concerned about whether they’re compliant with the country they’re being sold in’s safety rules and regulations. So … Continue reading

Plastic Injection Molding Tooling Management & Risk Reduction

In This Episode… Do you use tooling for producing plastic parts? You’re not going to want to miss this episode of the podcast, then, as we explain how plastic injection mold tooling management works at every stage of its lifetime … Continue reading

Exploring How To Improve Supplier Performance [Podcast]

In This Episode… Here at Sofeast our customers regularly ask us: “How do I get my suppliers to improve?” A large 70% of importers said that their greatest challenge when working with suppliers in China is improving performance. So, our … Continue reading

lead time reduction strategies podcast

In This Episode… Our CEO Renaud Anjoran delves into lead time reduction strategies and more with Adrian from the team. We talk about why reducing lead times is an important goal for importers, what benefits you can expect to enjoy, the … Continue reading

Advice On Choosing Packaging To Protect Your Products [Podcast]

In This Episode… This time we’re discussing the role of packaging in protecting your products during transit! Renaud goes into detail about the different types of packaging materials, supply chain risks that can damage products during shipping, and why to … Continue reading

product development agreement podcast

In This Episode… If you are developing a new product that is going to be manufactured in China or other Asian countries then there’s a good chance that you have product IP that needs to be protected unless the product … Continue reading

Benefits Of Rapid Prototyping And Rapid Tooling

Listen to our latest podcast where we discuss the benefits of rapid prototyping and the different rapid tooling technologies you may take advantage of! You’ll learn: what rapid prototyping is the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing methods for prototypes … Continue reading

Why Is A Pre-Production Sample So Important?

In This Episode… Sofeast’s CEO Renaud and Adrian from the team are discussing why a pre-production sample is so important for obtaining your desired results once your products go into mass production. What are PP samples? How do they evolve … Continue reading

Vietnam VS China Manufacturers & Digitizing Processes In The Factory [Podcast]

In This Episode… Renaud interviews Greg Fleming, an experienced merchandising and manufacturing operations manager who went from New Zealand to Australia to China and finally is now based in Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam. Greg’s background is mainly in … Continue reading