Chinese New Year 2022 Is Coming. Here's How To Prepare. [Podcast]

Chinese New Year is one of the most challenging times of year for importers with some or all of their supply chain in China or other East-Asian countries (like Vietnam) who celebrate it, too. In this episode of the podcast, … Continue reading

When Is Product IP Most At Risk From Copycats? [Podcast]

Renaud explores some of the key situations where your product IP can be at risk by copycats, especially if you have a new, innovative, and/or popular product. In this episode, he explains when IP can be at risk, who might try … Continue reading

Why Product Reliability Testing Is A MUST During Product Design [Podcast]

Our CEO Renaud is joined by Andrew Amirnovin, our head of New Product Development at Sofeast, and together they dive into why entrepreneurs and companies who’re designing, developing, and manufacturing their new products need to give close attention to product reliability. Did … Continue reading

What's Causing The USA's Logistics Troubles? [Podcast]

Logistics in the USA in late 2021…where to begin? CNN is calling it ‘a supply chain nightmare,’ USA Today bemoan that “Food prices are going up, gas prices are climbing, and finding that great gift for the holidays might get … Continue reading

Exploring Product Safety Issue Liability [Podcast]

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined by two guests, Clive Greenwood and Andrew Wilson of WWMG associates to discuss the topic of liability for product safety issues. There’s commonly a disconnect between Chinese manufacturers and their foreign customers over who … Continue reading

Right To Repair: Blessing or Curse for Manufacturers? [Podcast]

Sofeast’s CEO Renaud Anjoran talks about the ‘Right To Repair’ movement and regulations that are starting to come into being here in late 2021 with Adrian from the team. As sustainability is starting to permeate the public’s consciousness, the mountains … Continue reading

Sourcing From China Guide (Part 2): Negotiations, Terms, Leverage, and Quality Standards [Podcast]

We originally discussed the types of suppliers you might use when sourcing from China, including the option to do your own sourcing! In order to help importers who want to follow that route, we’re creating a series of episodes that … Continue reading

What's The Cost Of Quality_ [Podcast]

Our CEO Renaud Anjoran is joined again by Clive Greenwood and Max Phythian in this episode where they delve into the cost of quality. They have an interesting and lively discussion about what the costs are that are related to … Continue reading

Power cuts in China. Why are they happening and how could this affect manufacturing

In September 2021, 10 provinces on China’s East coast forced their manufacturing sector to suffer power cuts. Even our own Dongguan contract manufacturing facility, in South China, was without power during the daytime on Monday and Tuesday this week. Widespread … Continue reading

Can Getting To Market First Stop Copycats_ [Podcast]

A recent China Law Blog article outlined why getting to market first with your new product isn’t great protection against copycats these days, especially if corners have been cut in the name of speed. Some entrepreneurs believe that skipping IP … Continue reading