11 Questions to Answer when Sourcing Chinese Contract Manufacturers for Electronics

When sourcing a new contract manufacturer in China, what are the main questions buyers need to answer before agreeing to work together? Renaud and Adrian cover 11 questions for buyers in this episode, especially those making electronic products (although much … Continue reading

7 Tests You SHOULD Be Doing On Your Hard Goods! [Podcast]

One of Sofeast’s senior engineers, Paul Adams, guides you through 7 key tests that he’s done time after time over the years on the materials or components of new hard goods (typically metal and/or plastic products) in order to check … Continue reading

Why UL Certification for Product Safety is so Important for some Importers [Podcast]

Our head of New Product Development and resident product reliability expert, Andrew Amirnovin, joins Adrian in this bonus episode to introduce and talk about UL compliance. Andrew shares his experience to answer these questions: What is the UL certification? Who … Continue reading

Apple's recipe for Chinese supply chain and manufacturing success, but are they too reliant on China [Podcast]

Renaud and Adrian explore how Apple built a successful Chinese supply chain, how they control bringing new products to market, and whether its ‘reliance’ on China might be a double-edged sword. Their ‘best practices’ could benefit SMEs who are also … Continue reading

CES 2023 Our Review of the Coolest Products and Niches

CES is one of the world’s largest and most influential consumer electronics trade shows and our CEO Renaud attended this year at the start of January in Las Vegas. Many of Sofeast’s clients develop innovative new electronic products, so if … Continue reading

Logistics from China in 2023 Update Good News!

Sofeast’s head of Supply Chain Management, Kate, joins Adrian from the team to explain how the logistics situation for importers shipping goods from China to the West has evolved now that we’re into 2023. During Covid times between 2020-2022, say, … Continue reading

2022 Review Top Stories, Podcasts, and Content from Sofeast

Renaud and Adrian review 2022’s largest geopolitical and news stories that have affected manufacturers with supply chains in China (and other Asian countries to a lesser extent). Of course, they cover Covid and China’s recently dropped strict Zero-Covid policy, as … Continue reading

5 Tips for Protecting Your Product IP and Business when Manufacturing in Asia

Renaud shares five helpful tips for importers who are developing and manufacturing products in Asia on how to protect your precious product idea and supply chain information (intellectual property) and guard your business against being taken advantage of, especially in … Continue reading

How To Reduce Product Inspection Costs

Our customers sometimes ask what affects the cost of product inspections. If you’re getting products manufactured in Asia (or anywhere, in fact), you’ll almost certainly be doing some kind of inspection before they’re shipped (we hope) and there’s a cost … Continue reading

”Enterprise China” - China’s Strategy for Economic Success (Author Interview with Drs. Allen J. Morrison & J. Stewart Black)

Dr. Allen J. Morrison & Dr. J. Stewart Black are two American leadership, strategy, business and manufacturing experts with decades of experience in China. They recently wrote a new book “Enterprise China: Adopting a Competitive Strategy for Business Success” which … Continue reading