Adrian and Renaud get together to talk about Elon Musk’s insights and philosophy into developing and bringing new products to market (from an interview by ‘Everyday Astronaut’ on YouTube at his launch facility a few years back). He shares his … Continue reading

Exploring Apples iPhone Reliability & Durability Testing

Renaud hosts and is joined by Andrew Amirnovin, Sofeast’s product reliability head, and they’re looking at how Apple tests iPhone reliability and durability. Recently Marques Brownlee shared some videos from within Apple’s testing lab and interviews with their head of … Continue reading

When to do Design Reviews on Innovative Hardware Products

Adrian hosts and Renaud goes deep into design reviews which can really save your skin by identifying and fixing problems that can lead to defects and failures. What kinds of product design reviews can be done to reduce problems, and … Continue reading

Near-Sourcing in Europe ( Turkey) VS Buying from China

Renaud hosts and is joined by Fredrik Gronkvist, founder of, to discuss near-sourcing from Europe + Turkey (and Mexico for North American buyers) VS buying from China. Fredrik has done a lot of research on how to source from … Continue reading

What do the USAs May 24 China tariffs mean for importers

Adrian and Renaud are back to examine the recent May 14th news of new China tariffs being implemented by the Biden administration with the overall aim of reducing trade with China which many in America see as flooding the market … Continue reading

IP Protection when buying from China (Feat. Dan Harris, China Law Blog)

Renaud welcomes Dan Harris, Partner of the Seattle-headquartered and globally officed Harris Sliwoski LLP and long-time writer of the China Law Blog, to the podcast! Over the years he has shared so much valuable information for importers who buy from … Continue reading

Exploring Plastic Injection Molding Pilot Runs [Podcast]

Renaud hosts and is joined by Sofeast Group senior engineer, Paul Adams, to discuss how to go from a design to mass-producing your plastic injection molded parts, first following the proven pre-production pilot run approach to ensure risks are kept … Continue reading

10 Common Problems From Chinese Suppliers & How To Deal With Them [Podcast]

Adrian and Renaud get together to talk about 10 common problems that companies with Chinese manufacturing suppliers often face, AND how you can deal with them. Hopefully, you are not one of the unlucky ones, but being prepared with the … Continue reading

Quality Fade Silent AND Deadly!

Adrian and Renaud discuss Quality Fade. This bad practice from suppliers sees them put their profits before your product quality, but the big problem is that you may not even know it is happening as it’s a gradual process where … Continue reading

PCBA Protection How to Care for the Heart of your Electronic Product (Podcast)

On this episode of the China Manufacturing Decoded Podcast, Adrian hosts and is joined by Andrew, our reliability and testing head who is going to explain why the PCBA in your electronic product is critical, and how to protect it … Continue reading