Why Do Importers Need Product Reliability Testing_ [Podcast]

Product reliability testing is a must for importers who want to avoid risk… 2020 added considerable strain and difficulty to many importers’ lives, so today, more than ever, it’s so important to implement measures to protect your business against expensive … Continue reading

How To Validate Your Supplier’s Factory’s Production Capacity (From Abroad) [Podcast]

You can’t visit suppliers in China due to coronavirus. How can you validate their production capacity without going on-site? As we head into 2021 travelling to see suppliers in Asia, in particular China, remains difficult for most buyers due to … Continue reading

Manufacture in China, Vietnam, India, or Elsewhere in 2021

Manufacturers continue to plan the move of some or all of their supply chains out of China? But where next? Perhaps the word ‘exodus’ is a little over-dramatic, but there has certainly been a marked rise in companies trying to … Continue reading

Tips For Continually Getting Good Results From A New Supplier _ Vetting Chinese Suppliers (Part 11)

You’ve successfully vetted and started working with a new Chinese supplier. What’s next? In our mini-series on vetting Chinese suppliers, you will already have learnt about due diligence, factory audits and visits, exploring testing facilities, and much more when it comes … Continue reading

Why The Bill Of Materials (BOM) Is A Key Document For Importers

The Bill Of Materials – more important than you may think! The Bill Of Materials is an incredibly important document which spans the product development process and evolves as you get closer to mass production. It provides all of the … Continue reading

The Impact Of Chinese New Year On Importers & Tips To Prepare For CNY 2021

The Phenomenon of Chinese New Year Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is an amazing time of year in China and several other Asian countries who also place a lot of importance on the lunar calendar (such as Vietnam, Taiwan, … Continue reading

3 Quality Control Plans & Why They’re Needed BEFORE Production [Podcast]

What is a quality control plan and why do you need to approve it before production begins? A QC plan is an essential tool for buyers to drive their suppliers to produce goods that reach their quality standard. It will … Continue reading

Pricing, Negotiation, Contracts _ Vetting Chinese Suppliers (Part 10)

Getting quotations is a part of vetting new Chinese suppliers, too.  We have been creating a mini-series guiding you through effective vetting of Chinese suppliers that will help you to find the best possible manufacturer for your products this year, … Continue reading

good manufacturing practices

Time to pay attention to good manufacturing practices! Importers with suppliers over in Asia may benefit from adopting GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). What are they? How are they useful for managing and improving the performance of suppliers in countries like … Continue reading