Getting To Grips With Non-Recurring Engineering Costs (NRE) [Podcast]

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss Non-Recurring Engineering costs for manufacturers. As the name suggests, these costs are usually one-off and are what it takes to get your product into production. These costs are perhaps better known as … Continue reading

Why Pilot Runs Are So Important [Podcast]

Pilot runs aren’t just a ‘good idea,’ they’re a must when manufacturing new products as you are about to find out… Renaud and Adrian from the team explore an important part of the new product launch process: pilot runs. In this … Continue reading

Is Investing In Process Automation In The Factory Worth It_ + Implementation Best Practices -podcast

Automation is a major focus of the Chinese government and many manufacturers here, but can it really reduce costs..? Renaud will answer the questions: “Is Investing In Process Automation In The Factory Worth It?” and “What are the best practices to … Continue reading

Exploring Manufacturing and New Product Development in Vietnam Podcast

Vietnam continues to be a popular alternative to China for today’s importers. Let’s explore it… Renaud interviews Simon Caballero, a Hanoi-based purchasing manager and expert on manufacturing in Vietnam, to discuss the manufacturing industry in Vietnam, common risks and issues … Continue reading

How A DFQ Review Designs Quality INTO Your Product At An Early Stage [Podcast]

What if you could reduce the chances of quality problems long before your product goes into production? A DFQ review can help you achieve this!   What is DFQ? Design For Quality is where we review a number of factors … Continue reading

how we set up a new factory in china

Planning on opening a factory in China in 2021? To get some insight and context into just what it takes to set up a new factory in China let’s explore how WE came to open our own factory, Agilian Technology, … Continue reading

A New ‘Cold War’ Between The USA & China’s Effect On Manufacturing

As tensions rise between China and the USA, is a new ‘Cold War’ brewing? If so, what effect is this or could this be having on manufacturing? Our CEO Renaud and Adrian from Sofeast go political in this episode, discussing … Continue reading

Importer’s ‘Supply Chain Spring Clean’ Checklist To Find Risks & Opportunities

Got some time on your hands during Chinese New Year while your suppliers are on holiday? In this bumper 43 minute Chinese New Year episode to keep you entertained during the holiday, Renaud & Adrian discuss tasks importers can perform … Continue reading

Richard Barnett Electronics Supply Chain Risk Management in 2021 [Podcast]

Let’s hear from an electronics supply chain expert about how to improve supply chain resilience and reduce risks… Richard Barnett of Supplyframe, an expert in electronics supply chains with decades of experience in Asia,  joins Adrian to discuss risk management & reduction … Continue reading

Could Rising COVID-19 Cases In China Before CNY ‘21 Affect Supply Chains_

What would YOU do if lockdowns in China over Chinese New Year threatened your supply chain..? As cases climb in Northern China there’s a very real threat that tightening restrictions could affect supply chains in China. In this episode, Adrian … Continue reading