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Kitting and Assembly In Shenzhen Free Trade Zone, China

Kitting and assembly is where we receive your components or goods to one of our fulfillment centers either in the Shenzhen Free Trade Zone or Dongguan and inspect, combine them (kitting), or do simple assembly, finally testing the finished goods. 

We can then pack & ship them to you from either facility in South China. We accept very small batches as well as relatively large ones. As always with our company, you (our client) have full visibility on what we do and what our inspectors find.

Your goods are received at Sofeast’s facility in the Pingshan free trade zone in Shenzhen or at our ‘Mainland’ Dongguan facility.

We usually inspect the pieces upon receipt (this is up to your requirements – we can help you define the QC plan that makes sense for you).

We can kit them (combining them if they’re from different suppliers) or do simple assembly and testing.

Finally, we pack & ship them to you or to your customers, depending on your needs.

We have the ability to handle both large and small batches of products and don’t have a strict minimum.

Simply put, we insulate your intellectual property from your suppliers.

You have different component suppliers. Who knows if they will respect your IP if they have the full designs, BOM, etc for your product or if they will produce your product and sell it without your knowledge if you give them access to your IP?

We sign a binding NDA and receive components and parts from your suppliers, keeping them out of the loop of what your product or even brand is.

Our experienced team kits or assembles your products, finding any defective pieces along the way, and ships them out to you or your customers.

Since we are in the Free Trade Zone, for your suppliers it makes no difference whether they ship the goods out or if they bring them to us. They can do their usual export declarations, get paid, get their VAT rebate, and so on; in parallel, you might ask us to keep some of the products for some time. 

In case we have to kit products from China with other products from outside China, the whole process is also simpler (there won’t be any import, as long as in the end it is exported out of China).

Explore our two facilities for receiving your products or components and the services provided at each.

Defective pieces or components are virtually always found during our inspections. This is a good thing since you and your customers won’t receive them.
Defectives can be shipped back to your supplier/s for repair/rework, they can send staff to us to undertake it, or our operators may also perform the work. 

Being in China, getting the pieces back to suppliers is quick and means that you can get refunds, replacements, or repaired pieces faster.

Importers who cannot rely on their existing suppliers for everything. You might want to hide:

  • What the full product is
  • One key component that you don’t want any party to copy
  • What the labeling (brand, price…) of the product is
  • Who your other suppliers are

Sofeast is a foreign company owned by 2 French nationals. This is done in our 100% owned subsidiary. We can sign contracts in Hong Kong if you do not feel comfortable signing contracts calling for litigation/arbitration in China. All this gives our clients peace of mind.

Also, once your products have been assembled and/or kitted our 3PL provides numerous fulfillment benefits for you as well.

What does it cost?
There might be pre-production expenses such as tooling setup. We provide this as a service and invoice the customer (who has full ownership of the deliverable) for it.

When it comes to the assembly work itself, we study the amount of work (incoming QC, assembly, testing, packing…) and give a quotation accordingly. To give a precise quotation for kitting and assembly, we prefer having a final prototype in hand.

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