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Sofeast is a Western-owned quality assurance, project management, and product engineering agency headquartered in Hong Kong, China. Our business name is short for: “Smooth Operations in the Far East” and our key focus is on transparency and control in your supply chain.

We offer your business the expert assistance you need on the ground in China, India, Vietnam, and other SE Asian countries to improve your relationship with, management of, and quality from your suppliers (see more information about which other countries in Asia we cover).

Our group also includes a contract manufacturing operation as well as a testing laboratory, RSQ-Labs, which are both just 15 minutes away from Shenzhen.

Business ethics and transparency are at our core.

As our client, we take every step to protect your confidential IP and supply chain information as well as being committed to listening to your objectives in order to offer the correct strategy for your needs.

We never hold any of your information for ourselves to ‘lock you in.’ We work exclusively for you, and we give you all the information we gather in the course of providing your service.

Solutions to suit your needs

Our solutions for importers can be split into these categories:

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Sofeast By The Numbers


16 years of service founded in 2006


We operate over
100% of China, India & Vietnam
(and much of SE Asia)


25,000+ on-site audits & inspections conducted


800+ OEM/ ODM projects managed


Clients from 50+ countries


3500+ shipments coordinated

1 billion

1 billion USD total production value managed

We offer solutions tailored to improve your results from Chinese suppliers

Learn more about the solutions that we provide. After understanding your needs, we can work together on a mix of them which best achieves your goals.

quality assurance solutions

Our quality assurance team focuses on:

  • Factory Audits (Quality & Process, Environmental, Social)
  • Product Inspections (start, middle, and/or end of production)
  • Quality Consulting
product engineering solutions

Our product engineering team focuses on:

  • NPI (New Product Introduction) & PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)
  • Production problem management
  • Design for manufacturing, design to cost, design for quality
  • Packaging design
  • Creating process control plans and setting up testing fixtures/stations
  • Writing factory work instructions
supply chain management solutions

Our supply chain management team focuses on:

  • Supplier due diligence
  • Supplier / Project management
  • Supplier development
  • Logistics

Our supplier performance management team focuses on:

  • Manufacturing troubleshooting
  • Supplier self inspection enablement
  • Supplier improvement audits
Our contract manufacturing team focuses on

Our contract manufacturing team focuses on:

  • Industrial design support
  • Prototyping
  • Mass production
storage and fulfillment solution

Our China fulfillment centers focus on:

  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Co-Packing
  • Kitting & assembly
  • Product repair & rework
  • Logistics management

How we work with you

If you only use one of our services on an ongoing basis (e.g. QC inspections, or lab testing), you will work directly with specialized and technical members of our staff.

If you choose to work with one of our project managers, you will recognize the following qualities:

Customer - centric

We listen to and understand your needs, develop tailored solutions, and defend your best interests at all times.

Project management

We plan, organize, and prioritize, and track and push where needed. We also propose corrective actions rather than passing information passively.

Communicate collaboratively

We report in detail and on time and use collaborative tools to keep you in the loop (such as Asana, Trello, Smartsheet, Airtable, etc.).

Value integrity above all else

Our processes are grounded in openness and honesty. We protect your confidential data, and we provide you with full access to our supplier network and resources.

Who Needs Our Help?

We specialise in solving the following common issues. If you are suffering from any of the following issues, we can help!

Poor quality products

that you cannot sell are being manufactured by your suppliers

No control over supply chain

leaves you frustrated as you do not know what is happening clearly


Your finished products don’t comply with safety standards and can’t be sold

Miscommunication with suppliers

is leading to wider problems in all areas

Never-ending developments

it seems the factory will never be ready to launch production


have left you out of pocket having paid for an order that never arrives

Effective mid-to-long-term programs

We provide the best value to clients who are looking for a mid-to-long-term program for sustainable improvement, as opposed to cheap ‘one-off’ services.

Sofeast’s mission statement

Our company’s mission is to allow designers and inventors to develop and manufacture innovative products on Time, on Cost, and on Quality.

In each of our departments, ensure client satisfaction means the teams need to be focused on different goals, as shown below.

Sofeast Group Certifications

Sofeast ISO 9001 certification Sofeast ISO 9001 certification

Sofeast and our manufacturing subsidiary Agilian Technology’s quality management systems are certified as compliant to ISO 9001 by BSI (British Standards Institute), and Agilian also has an environmental management system certified as compliant to ISO 14001 by BSI, too.

We've been featured in some of the world's major publications

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Do you need help to get better results from your Chinese suppliers?
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