Sofeast is not what they call a ‘sourcing agent.’

We are a full-service product engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, and supply chain management provider based in China. We also cover 6 other Asian countries with our solutions.

Sofeast’s systems and capabilities, and how they benefit you

Using our decades of cumulative experience, we have implemented mature and effective systems and capabilities that differentiate us from other service providers.

Here are the seven main strands of our business that our clients can choose to work with us on, and their respective systems, capabilities, and benefits.

human resources

Human Resources

We have an in-house Harrison assessments certified user. This very advanced solution uses predictive analytics (for on-the-job performance). We use it for talent acquisition and for leadership development.

How this benefits you…

Matching the right people with the right roles, based on their preferred behavioral traits, makes for more engaged teams and better morale. In turn, motivated and right-fit people are a great basis for well-done work and great client service.

quality assurance solutions

Quality Assurance

We have a dedicated team, an IT platform that was developed to support and digitize our quality inspection process, and also hold ISO 9001:2015 accreditation from a tier-1 body (British Standards Institution).

How this benefits you…

The last thing you want, when it comes to quality assurance, is bad surprises. Pre-defined and repeatable processes ensure that our findings and our reporting can be trusted for making decisions. And a digitized process allows for near-real-time communication.

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

We hold a Chinese import/export license, can apply for and manage VAT rebates, and provide you with the ability to pay suppliers in RMB (which many mainland companies strongly prefer).

How this benefits you…

Avoid the smokes & mirrors that many suppliers like to put up for you. Have visibility into your product’s bill of materials (component suppliers, prices…). Enjoy greater control over your own supply chain and drive improvements as needed.

new product introduction in China

Product Engineering

We employ R&D engineers (8 Mechanical, 3 Electrical/Electronic, 2 Firmware, 1 Testing, 1 CNC) on staff who are ready to make your product ideas a reality. They mainly work on design for manufacturing and prototyping iterations using our in-house prototyping equipment.

How this benefits you…

Most horror stories related to new product development come up when that development work is managed by the Chinese supplier. You need an engineering team to complement the factory’s skills and to ensure an appropriate NPI process is followed from start to finish.

process engineering solutions

Process Engineering

A good NPI process necessitates good engineering as well as good communication of all parties (components suppliers, production…). We employ a dedicated NPI manager and several process & quality engineers.

How this benefits you...

For productions of a certain size, we follow many of the tried-and-true tools and approaches followed by best-in-class companies such as Toyota and Apple. They make new products in high volumes with very few defects and while keeping costs in control.

manufacturing at agilian


We have our own manufacturing facility in China which specialises in small assembly runs and fulfillment. We placed a focus on reliability (with tools from the auto industry) and speed (cellular manufacturing setup) from the start.

How this benefits you…

South China’s deep network of component suppliers allows us to receive parts and work on prototypes or small runs much faster. With some projects that are too immature, getting a Chinese manufacturer motivated is difficult. We help you move to the next step.

logistics solutions


Our team includes 2 shipping specialists who organize and coordinate air & sea shipments for our clients. They work alongside our finance team, who handles export documentation.

We have long-term relationships with various types of transportation providers, ranging between small packages, like dropshipping, up to 40′ containers alike.

How this benefits you…

We offer shipping solutions at market price or lower than most freight forwarders, and will propose optimal solutions between price, speed, duty, risk (including on special shipments like batteries or refrigerated cargo). Your Sofeast project manager provides updates along the way. If something unexpected happens (usually on the China side), we are right on top of it to provide & organize the best logistic.

product and packaging testing

Product & Packaging Testing

Our in-house laboratory testing capabilities for products and packaging help us provide you with reliability, quality, and safety testing.

We perform environmental tests, mechanical tests for measuring lifespan, battery performance and safety tests, and packaging reliability testing, too.

How this benefits you…

When you are getting new products developed, you need to find the design weaknesses in the prototyping stage, and later (after tooling and in production) you need to confirm the product’s durability & reliability.

It also reduces the risk of safety issues, as we help you uncover and address the causes of catastrophic failures.

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