First, read this comprehensive guide to IP protection in China

This guide to IP protection includes many of the key risks you’ll face and some proven strategies to mitigate or avoid them and be able to launch your product without being copied, including legal tools, tips for sourcing the right supplier, and how to compartmentalize your supply chain to avoid IP leakage and infringement.

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Many issues can be avoided by properly souring and vetting trustworthy and suitable Chinese suppliers before working with them to produce your product. Listen to our podcast series: Vetting Chinese Suppliers [Podcast Series] to get guidance on doing so.

Various solutions Sofeast provide that can help mitigate or prevent product IP risks in China and Asia

Help to find you the right supplier

Our local experts help source the right supplier for your needs based on your product, quality standard, budget, etc: New supplier sourcing/factory identification.


Checking that a potential supplier can be trusted and can reach your expectations

Let’s say that you’ve found a potential supplier who looks great. Can they truly be trusted? Don’t learn they’re a problem the hard way. We can help with the following:

  • Supplier background check (Sofeast’s supply chain specialist performs a thorough investigation to uncover the truth about a potential supplier’s business legitimacy and ability to produce your products at your required standards and provides you with a comprehensive report to help you make your decision).
  • Supplier legal records check (the fastest way to get an overview of whether a supplier is legitimate – not as comprehensive as the full background check, but perfect for quick peace of mind).
  • Certificates & Reports Verification (we check supplier certificates & reports to verify that they have passed your required standards)


Auditing your chosen supplier

Another layer of protection, and one we consider a ‘must’ in most cases, is to send an auditor to check on your supplier’s factory in person. We provide a variety of factory audits in China and Asia-wide. An Initial Factory Evaluation (IFE) is particularly effective at qualifying your supplier and evaluating the risks of working with them before you get started.


Keeping your plastic injection mold tooling safe

We store your tooling safely in our Chinese warehouse. We pick it up or receive it after a production run (noting what condition the tooling is in), store it securely, and then return it back to your supplier before the next one.
This maintains its condition, reduces the risk of IP theft, and allows you to switch suppliers with ease: Tooling custody and management service.

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