In this infographic, we outline how to prepare your own product quality checklist.

Importers will find this useful because having a pre-defined inspection checklist helps to make your requirements crystal clear for both your supplier and quality inspectors. There’s less room for production corner-cutting, mistakes, and for the quality inspections to miss key issues.


How to prepare a product quality checklist

Don’t leave quality inspections in the hands of your supplier!

Importers who outsource their production to suppliers in Asia can have a hard time with quality assurance because they’re simply not there to keep tight control.

This is why Sofeast has a dedicated quality assurance team who provide you with QA solutions which assure that your supplier is maintaining your expected level of quality. We’re also able to consult you and develop a product quality checklist if needed.

You can choose from any of these solutions to suit your needs:

You may also like our consolidated close production monitoring program which is custom-made for importers and includes the consulting, product inspections, and follow-up most importers need to have a robust quality assurance strategy, but at a more affordable cost.

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