We want you to get the most out of your cooperation with Sofeast and our team members, so we’ve created the following guidance to help projects run smoothly and avoid possible issues.


Make (all) your expectations clear in your communications with us (be it an action plan, certain results, or compliance with a certain process), be specific and write them in ‘black and white’ ideally from the very start of our cooperation, or whenever it is identified as a need. We work with many different clients from around the world and have found that what is clear to you may not always be for others.


Micromanaging our team will speed up the onboarding, but long term it always prevents any sense of initiative and negatively affects efficiency and so should be avoided wherever possible. However, putting in place generic state-of-the-art project management principles based on time, scope, cost, is useful when starting a project.

Your Requirements

Please, make your project requirements clear and obvious. For example, many clients know their products intimately and find it difficult to work with a project manager that doesn’t understand instantly, so we recommend confirming that our staff are 100% clear before proceeding.


Being positive and focusing on your expectations, also explaining why this is important for yourather than focusing on any past mistakes. It leads to a healthier, more productive environment where we learn from each other and develop proactive behaviors.


Our team is driven by the “best effort” principle and love to help, still as per the local law, we can’t require employees to work overtime without compensation. Please understand that calls with a project manager are only possible during her normal working hours, and auditors/inspectors usually don’t stay late in factories. Also, employees have their personal lives and cannot always answer questions 24/7.

Getting help if things don’t go as expected

In any situation where you are dissatisfied, please bring it up with our management team.
We tend to find that most issues we face are related to misunderstandings about expectations, but please note that our team should be treated with respect at all times.
If there has been a problem, please calmly let our staff understand what they could have done better so they will improve next time (lesson learnt) and CC our management team who will follow up on the case.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to working with you and counting you as one of our hundreds of happy clients who have found the right support they need locally for their growth.

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