Starting to buy from China?

Read this free eBook from Sofeast CEO, Renaud Anjoran, which has 80+ pages packed full of valuable and actionable advice for importers who are sourcing from China.

Learn from his decades of experience and you’ll avoid many mistakes that even experienced importers commit, saving yourself money, time, and worry at the same time!

Everything an importer needs to know to get started with sourcing from China and actually develop your suppliers to improve.

Dive in and start exploring every aspect importers need. This eBook starts from the beginning, discussing whether you need to hire a sourcing agent, and follows the sourcing process right through to developing a trusted supplier’s quality and productivity which will return dividends in the future.

Here are the 15 chapters included:

  1. Do You Need a Sourcing Agent?
  2. How to Identify Potential Suppliers?
  3. How to Verify a Manufacturer
  4. Second Choices vs. “Never Again”
  5. Negotiation: The Terms You Need to Discuss
  6. Keep Some Leverage with Suppliers
  7. Pre-Production: Describing What You Want
  8. Project Management of Your Orders
  9. Check Quality Early in the Manufacturing Cycle
  10. Always Verify Quality Before Shipment
  11. Build Good Rapport with Suppliers
  12. How Closely Do You Follow Your Productions?
  13. The 5 Steps to Developing a Chinese Supplier
  14. How a Factory Can Improve Quality
  15. How a Factory Can Improve Productivity

Ready to get improve your understanding of sourcing from China?

Why wait? This eBook is 15 chapters of over 80 pages of practical advice for importers like you, and it’s totally free! Just fill out the form on this page and hit “get my guide” to sign up and go to the next page where you can download it.

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