Are you wondering how to find a manufacturer in China who is well-suited to your needs and can also deliver on their promises?

China has a vast choice of possible manufacturers who you can work with to supply your products, but if you’re based abroad, new to sourcing manufacturers and products in China, or both, finding the right partner can be a daunting experience.

Sofeast has developed 10 verification steps to help you find the right manufacturer.

You could take a gamble and go it alone, or you can start with this eBook that outlines how to find the right manufacturer in China.

Follow the proven verification steps that we’ve used successfully for years here in China, and you’ll find a suitable manufacturer amongst the many who just claim to be perfect.

We’ll cover:

  • Background checks
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Quality system auditing
  • Engineering resources
  • Pricing, negotiation, & contracts
  • …and much, much more

Remember, the manufacturer you work with is largely responsible for your products reaching your customers in time, on budget, and at the desired quality.

how to find a manufacturer in china ebook

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