Get the support you need to control your product quality from our Quality Assurance business unit set up in 2006 and based in China, with quality technicians covering most of Asia (China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, etc). Our quality team, who offer decades of proven results, steps in to help you assure that your suppliers are on track.

ISO 9000 defines Quality Assurance as being: “Part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.”

We put in place the quality assurance systems required to minimize the likelihood of quality issues occurring, and you can use our trained eye and our methodologies to inspect products throughout the production process in order. In the end, the objective is to assure that the supplier is maintaining quality at your expected levels.

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Factory Audits

If you are afraid of working with suppliers who can’t deliver as promised, factory audits help you qualify them by evaluating their capabilities, their reliability, and/or their compliance to social standards.

We offer a full range of factory audits that qualify suppliers and point to the main risks that might prevent them from meeting your needs. You can make decisions with the right information.

Product Inspections

If you struggle with inconsistent quality, our on-site product inspections throughout the production process help you by catching issues before they are shipped.

Sofeast offers a full spectrum of quality inspections for your products, the most commonly used being ‘during production’ and ‘final random’ inspections.

Quality Assurance Consulting

If you are afraid of the same quality issues coming back time and again in future batches, consultancy and guidance from our supplier quality engineers helps you by fixing issues at the root.

They often occur because the manufacturer has no control plan, the buyer has not defined good product specifications, and the factory’s internal QC & testing processes are not adequate. We help you fix these issues.

Process Management Audit

If you work with a factory that runs poor production processes, you are likely to be disappointed time and again by poor quality and late shipments. Not to mention, their internal issues drive their costs up, and in the long run, you will pay for it, too.

In the PMA our auditor, experienced in the process/es in question, goes on-site to check what the main sources of risk are and if their processes are mature and under control.

Compliance Testing Consulting

Importing products from abroad to sell in your country? It’s critical to ensure that they comply with your market’s regulations.

But how to get started? Do you know which certifications your product needs, and how to assure that its production process will enable it to adhere to them?

Sofeast takes the stress out of compliance testing. We confirm which standards your product must comply with and create and implement a compliance testing plan for you.

100% Inspection, Repacking, and Shipping

It may be that your Chinese supplier consistently struggles to produce your products at the required quality. You can’t risk them sending poor quality products to you, so Sofeast will step in and solve this issue on-the-ground in China.

We take direct delivery of your products from them before they’re shipped to you, inspect 100% of them to sort out ‘bad’ pieces, and only pack and ship them to you if the quality is acceptable. We can even make repairs or adjustments in our affiliated factory in some cases if required.


First Article Inspection

What would you do if an entire production batch of your hard goods was found to be defective? Do you have time or money to wait for a solution?

The First Article Inspection (FAI), if implemented at the start of mass production, can save you from disaster should issues be found on the first pieces off the line.

LPA hub thumb

Layered Process Audit

Are you serious about improving a key supplier’s performance?

Re-auditing may sound like a good way to keep pressure on them, but coming back and checking the same points does not always stimulate improvement.
Instead, a layered process audit systematically examines one quality system or process in-depth per month which maximizes the opportunities to identify and correct any problems or inconsistencies.

electronics qa program

Electronics QA Program

Sofeast’s quality engineers and technicians integrate into your team to build robust quality processes and preventatively reduce your quality risks when manufacturing new electronic products in a program tailored to your new product.

We’ll work with you and your manufacturer to take tried-and-tested actions to assure that your product will be compliant, durable & reliable, and of consistent quality, by the time it hits the market.

pre production meeting

Pre-Production Meeting

Can you afford for things to go wrong with your soft goods’ production?

Our QA technician meets your supplier at their factory to assess their preparedness for production, emphasize your requirements, and head off any risks before production begins.
This is particularly useful when working with new suppliers, launching new products, or with a supplier who needs closer scrutiny due to recent issues.

Apparel Production Monitoring Program

This program is primarily for buyers of apparel and other soft goods when they don’t want to leave anything to chance.
Certain orders necessitate a lot of attention, from the approval of pre-production lab dips and samples, all the way to production quality and shipments, and we provide them in a consolidated program for your suppliers in China, India, Bangladesh, and SE Asia.
If a large order for a key customer suffers quality issues and delays, the financial implications might be very heavy. This program mitigates those risks.

plastic injection mold management program

Plastic Injection Mold Tooling Management

This program is for importers who need to get plastic injection mold tooling fabricated in China or India.
We assure your tooling design is sound and manufacturable, qualify the fabricator, assess quality as soon as it starts being used by your supplier, organize product testing and prototyping, and store it safely in our own secure facility between productions.
Your risks will be reduced at every stage, including ending up with poor quality tooling, non-conforming products, and suppliers who use your tooling without permission.

Implementing a Quality Assurance program covers most of the above solutions as it is a framework for discovering, reducing, and preventing the recurrence of quality issues throughout the new product development and manufacturing process.

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