On this page, you can watch a collection of watch inspection videos with key information that will help you understand the best QC processes if you’re planning on importing your watches from Chinese or Asian suppliers too.

Over the years we have worked with various watch-producing clients around the world to assure the quality of their standard and waterproof watches throughout production.

Recommended watch inspection solutions

  • If your watches are valuable and in relatively low quantities, you may opt for 100% inspection, repacking, and shipping from our facility where your local supplier ships the production batches to us and we check every single watch before shipping them to you if acceptable.
  • Your Sofeast quality engineer will tailor your product inspections to check time accuracy, battery quality, watch finish, and various strength tests such as for the clasp and bezel.
  • Lab Testing may be required to test elements like watch crystal hardness.

Watch Videos

We’ll cover watch inspections for quality and accuracy in more detail in these videos which share out experience of testing watches.

This is important information for watch importers because you need to be able to assure that your timepieces have perfect accuracy, fit, and quality as even the slightest defect will destroy the piece’s desirability. You’ll obtain this assurance by knowing which watch inspection is fit for which purpose and subsequently carrying them out.

Extra resources for watch importers

If you’re importing watches why stop at just learning about the different types of watch inspection?

These resources might also be useful for you:

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Do you need help with outsourcing watch inspection on-site at your Asian supplier’s factory?

Sofeast can help. Take a look at our many solutions which can help importers of watches get better results and quality from their suppliers in China or elsewhere in Asia:

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