Importing batteries from China or other Asian countries?

batteries from China

It’s no secret that battery safety regulations are strict and for good reason.

Chinese suppliers are capable of providing both good and poor quality batteries, so as an importer you need to be able to assess the batteries that you’re sourcing in order to assure that your products will be safe, saleable, and at your required level               of quality.

These videos and resources drawing on our many years of working with battery importers and producers in Asia will help you to understand which tests should be carried out to ensure the safety and quality of the batteries you are using, and to assess potential battery suppliers more effectively.

Video guidance about batteries from China & Asia

The importance of battery testing

Pretty much all battery manufacturers are able to meet a specification. However, many of them cannot ensure that all the pieces in all their batches meet that specification.

The process of making cells is, to a large extent, chemical. The key is to control the process. Here are a few examples:

  • Checking key inputs (e.g. the electrolyte solution)
  • Controlling humidity and temperature
  • Keeping foreign contaminants away

(Many issues can also come up during assembly of the pack, but it is closer to a typical electronics assembly activity.)

As a foreign buyer, if you are not closely involved in the production, the key is to test batteries in a way that will detect the most common issues.

Lear now consumer batteries are manufactured

It’s helpful for importers to know how their suppliers are manufacturing batteries and, specifically, when and why they do QC checks throughout the process (if yours isn’t, that’s an obvious red flag).

additional resources

Different Types Of Batteries For Electronic Products (Importer’s Guide)

Batteries are only becoming more commonplace every day and with this in mind, let’s explore the different types of batteries, their features, benefits, costs, and more in this guide.

Lithium Ion Battery Safety Guidelines For US Imports

If you’re importing batteries, or products with batteries to the USA, then don’t miss our whitepaper: Lithium ion battery safety guidelines for US imports.

These guidelines will affect you if you are producing goods in China and Asia to be shipped to the USA for sale.

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