We understand that our potential clients often like to compare different inspection companies. To make your decision easier we’ll demonstrate who we’re a good fit for here.

If you just need an agency that is given information about a product, sends someone to the factory, and sends you many photos, Sofeast can do it for you, but so can many other agencies.

Your 2 options

When sourcing a product quality inspection provider you have these 2 options:

1. Work with a company that identifies itself as part of the “testing, inspection, certification” (TIC) industry

This kind of provider is good if you need lab testing for compliance and product inspections.

  • But they will just “tick the jobs off their list.”
  • They won’t even understand what you mean by “add value.”
  • They won’t be comfortable asking factories for the root cause of an issue or following up on improvement actions.

2. Work with a company that can help you manage quality in addition to detecting issues

That’s who Sofeast is!

  • We focus only on serving clients who have developed their own product(s).
  • We can see what issues come from product design vs. manufacturing process issues, and we have resources available to help and suggest improvements in other departments of our group.
  • We can suggest a testing program that covers not only compliance with safety standards but also performance, durability, and reliability.
  • Our quality engineers can work with you to improve your QA/QC so you get better and faster results.

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