Transitioning to Manufacturing from Product Development | 2 Options

A final prototype has been approved and the foreign company’s next step is to go into mass production with the Chinese manufacturer. This is known as transitioning to manufacturing. Here’s how the process works…

How Many Prototypes Are Needed Before We Get 'Perfection'

Some people expect a perfect product that’s ready for manufacturing after just one round of prototyping. Is this realistic, though? Let’s explore how many prototypes might be required, why different rounds of prototyping are undertaken during the new product introduction … Continue reading

Do You Need a Customized Reliability Test Plan

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8 Ways To Get Funding For Hardware Startups

Aside from the R&D costs, sourcing materials and components, mold fabrication, paying your supplier, and shipping costs, entrepreneurs have the worry of finding funding for hardware startups to pay for all of this, long before a product starts manufacturing and … Continue reading

How Many Samples Do We Really Need To Test For Reliability And Compliance

You need to be aware that during new product development, and also during mass production runs, a number of samples will need to be tested in different ways. The objective is generally to assure their quality, their reliability, and their safety, … Continue reading

A Product Designer’s Tips For New Product Launches

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How To Create A New Product Inspired By An Existing Design?

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Why You Need Mature Product Designs BEFORE Sending Them To A Chinese Manufacturer!

As part of our design support service, we have been talking to many inventors who are planning to manufacture their new products in China about the importance of starting with mature product designs. What many don’t understand is, there are several … Continue reading

feature creep example swiss army knife

When developing a new product, rarely does your initial design idea not end up significantly altered and re-imagined by the time it hits the store. It’s just the nature of the process, and hardly surprising when we consider the many … Continue reading

Different Prototyping Methods In China Importers Should Know About

When it comes to developing and manufacturing hard goods in China and beyond (be it a plastic case for an electrical product, a new type of metal jewel, a new mechanical part…), making prototypes is an important part of the new product development process. … Continue reading