Discussing the NPI Process for Effective Product Development

Renaud recently appeared on “The Seller Process Podcast” with its host Gianmarco to discuss the NPI process for effective product development and risk mitigation for entrepreneurs who are bringing a new product to market soon. They cover the following topics: … Continue reading

3 New Product Launch Tips for E-commerce Sellers

E-commerce sales are enduringly popular and here at Sofeast a number of our clients sell products that way. With the latter in mind, here are a few tips to help you get better results…

Prototype, Patent, then Market A Misguided Concept

Anyone manufacturing their product wants it to be on time, within budget, at the right level of quality and reliability, and in compliance with market regulations, but in terms of safety, they also don’t want it to be copied! There is … Continue reading

Crowdfunding Failures 4 Great Prototypes That Failed To Launch

4 Crowdfunding failures we can learn from Not every great product idea makes it into production. Even some excellent products are crowdfunding failures that didn’t make it past the prototype stage, leaving the inventors, backers, and fans scratching their heads … Continue reading

Transitioning to Manufacturing from Product Development | 2 Options

A final prototype has been approved and the foreign company’s next step is to go into mass production with the Chinese manufacturer. This is known as transitioning to manufacturing. Here’s how the process works…

How Many Prototypes Are Needed Before We Get 'Perfection'

Some people expect a perfect product that’s ready for manufacturing after just one round of prototyping. Is this realistic, though? Let’s explore how many prototypes might be required, why different rounds of prototyping are undertaken during the new product introduction … Continue reading

Do You Need a Customized Reliability Test Plan

Every company or entrepreneur who’s developing and manufacturing a new product should be conscious of the importance of reliability testing and having a reliability test plan to make it happen. There are cost and timing implications to testing, as with … Continue reading

8 Ways To Get Funding For Hardware Startups

Aside from the R&D costs, sourcing materials and components, mold fabrication, paying your supplier, and shipping costs, entrepreneurs have the worry of finding funding for hardware startups to pay for all of this, long before a product starts manufacturing and … Continue reading

How Many Samples Do We Really Need To Test For Reliability And Compliance

You need to be aware that during new product development, and also during mass production runs, a number of samples will need to be tested in different ways. The objective is generally to assure their quality, their reliability, and their safety, … Continue reading

A Product Designer’s Tips For New Product Launches

In this post, we interview an experienced product designer to get his tips for new product launches. Why? A lot of people who come up with an innovative product idea think that the new product launch process goes something like … Continue reading