How To Create A New Product Inspired By An Existing Design?

Sometimes customers ask us: “How to create a new product based on a product that’s already on the market?” While it is possible to do this, and we can help, we have to tread the line between what is and … Continue reading

Why You Need Mature Product Designs BEFORE Sending Them To A Chinese Manufacturer!

As part of our design support service, we have been talking to many inventors who are planning to manufacture their new products in China about the importance of starting with mature product designs. What many don’t understand is, there are several … Continue reading

feature creep example swiss army knife

When developing a new product, rarely does your initial design idea not end up significantly altered and re-imagined by the time it hits the store. It’s just the nature of the process, and hardly surprising when we consider the many … Continue reading

Different Prototyping Methods In China Importers Should Know About

When it comes to developing and manufacturing hard goods in China and beyond (be it a plastic case for an electrical product, a new type of metal jewel, a new mechanical part…), making prototypes is an important part of the new product development process. … Continue reading

3 Product Design Approaches And Their Pros & Cons For Made-In-China Products

Before sourcing your Chinese supplier, let’s find out what kind of inventor you are (as each has different product design approaches that have different benefits) and also consider 6 product design tips in order to get better results.

The 7 Most Common New Product Launch Pitfalls in China

Western companies increasingly work with Chinese manufacturers on product development for their new product launch. In most cases, things don’t turn out the way customers want. I thought I’d highlight the 7 most common new product launch pitfalls I have … Continue reading

common DFM improvements on die cast parts

It is important to establish a fully optimized part design before any tools are manufactured for your die-cast product. This can be achieved by applying Design for Manufacture (DFM) best practices. You should also incorporate the use of tools such as … Continue reading

If you're developing and manufacturing a new product this table will show you your options and some of their key pros and cons. Should you wish to work with our team to help you develop and produce your products in … Continue reading
New Product Launch Plan: How We Assist You To Get It Right

Launching a new product is a decisive time for any business, especially SMEs, hardware startups, and entrepreneurs who are new to the process in China. We’ve been helping importers bring their products to market quickly and successfully for years. Read … Continue reading