Stainless steel bottle testing for safety & compliance. How does it work

Stainless steel bottle testing is something importers need to get right as they’re classed as a food contact material product (FCM). They’re a hot product and something we’re asked about quite regularly. In this post, we’ll explain the kinds of … Continue reading

Children's Products: How Often To CPSIA Test Samples Without It Costing A Fortune?

To answer this question we’ll use the example of a company that is producing products that need to adhere to the CPSIA test requirements commonly required for toys and children’s products by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the USA. … Continue reading

Why YOU Need a Product Safety Program

It’s astounding and perhaps a little bit scary that we see many importers with Chinese suppliers continuing to purchase and import products that pose a potential risk to consumers, kids, or pets without taking the necessary measures to test product … Continue reading