Where is Chinese manufacturing capacity being relocated to in the Asia Pacific in 2023

If we said that nothing is changing when it comes to outsourcing manufacturing to suppliers in China we wouldn’t be being entirely truthful. Now that the Covid pandemic is in the past, businesses are starting to look at where their … Continue reading

Power cuts in China. Why are they happening and how could this affect manufacturing

In September 2021, 10 provinces on China’s East coast forced their manufacturing sector to suffer power cuts. Even our own Dongguan contract manufacturing facility, in South China, was without power during the daytime on Monday and Tuesday this week. Widespread … Continue reading

Is Your Chinese Supplier At Risk Of Bankruptcy_

Some Chinese factories have suffered serious blows recently. Large American companies are moving manufacturing outside of China, often abruptly. Many manufacturers were hit in 2020 by very soft demand and cancelled orders. Their government is becoming more serious in getting … Continue reading

Recently I was asked to give a presentation on supply chain risk reduction strategies. I focused on the way to pinpoint and assess potential risks, with the aim of driving action and addressing those risks.